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Default Sky flicker with heavy clouds when mirrors are on

Sample mission attached.

Problem description:

The sky outside of the cockpit "flashes" or "flickers" when flying above heavy clouds, meaning that the sky changes its color at roughly 3 to 5 Hz (several changes per second). The flickering only happens when either mirrors or displays like TGP or Shkval are on. Flickering stops when both mirrors and TGP/Shkval are on (and resumes as soon as one of these is switched off again).

This only happens when "Deferred Shading" is set to off.

This only happens from the cockpit view. In external views (F2, F3), the sky does not flicker.

Cloud intensity must be 9 or 10. Cloud density and precipitation don't matter.

When flying below clouds or in clouds, there is no flickering. It only begins as soon as the aircraft climbs out of the clouds.

Tested with A-10C, L-39C, M-2000C, Ka-50.

In A-10C and M-2000C, clicking the mirrors toggles the flickering on/off.

In the L-39C, flickering only depends on Options -> Gameplay -> Mirrors: When the option is checked, the sky flickers. When the option is un-checked, the sky does not flicker.

In the Ka-50, flickering first depends on the "Mirrors" option. When mirrors are set to on and the sky flickers, un-caging the Shkval immediately stops the flickering. Caging the Shkval immediately starts the flickering again. With mirrors set to off, flickering starts when un-caging the Shkval and stops when caging it again.

Likewise in the A-10C: When mirrors are on and the sky flickers, switching TGP to AG or AA immediately stops the flickering. Switching TGP to standby or switching the MFCD to another page immediately stops the flickering.
When mirrors are off, switching the TGP on immediately starts the flickering, and vice versa.
Switching on mirrors as well as TGP stops the flickering, switching off only one of them starts it again, and switching them all off stops it again.
The MAV display in the TGP does not have any influence on the flickering (no change in flickering regardless if MAV is on or off)!

VSync, MSAA, forced full screen (ALT+Enter) and other graphic settings don't seem to have an influence on the flickering.

Screenshots from active pause showing the difference in sky color (both shots were taken during the flickering, within circa 2 seconds):

Additional info:
DCS OpenAlpha
Map: Nevada (Normandy not tested, but probably the same)
GTX 1070 ti
Nvidia driver: 388.59
Primary display: 3840*2160, DCS Single Screen
Secondary display: 1920*1200 (TeamSpeak, SRS Overlay, Mission info etc.)
OS: Win 7 Ultimate 64
RAM: 16 GB
CPU: Core i7 2600K @3.4 GHz (not OC'd)

The same type of flickering was not observed in the latest 1.5.8.

The same type of flickering was observed in a tester build from a few days ago (version info available via PM if necessary).

DCS repair has been run, did not change the problem.

Tested with clean Saved Games\DCS.OpenAlpha directory, no mods at all. Narrowed problem down to mirrors and TGP/Shkval displays.
Attached Files
File Type: miz 2.2_Nevada_flicker_test.miz (9.5 KB, 8 views)

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Well, why don't you turn your mirrors off then!
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Same flickering experienced in 1.5.8. STABLE

Caucuses map, a10-c, weather set to standard spring thunderstorm. Intense flickering from the sky. Will check to see if related to the mirrors..

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Might be worth hanging on for a couple of weeks. The clouds are well and truly obsolete in 1.5.8, and are due to be updated by the end of this month.

Going forwards, there is also an entirely new solution being explored, so I somehow doubt that anyone at ED will even consider a fix for this.
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Quick update: Flickering no longer observed in 2.5 OpenBeta, issue seems resolved for me.
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Nice to read that
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I saw the problem with M2000C. My DCS version is 1.5.8
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