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Same here, very annoying.
I can't use deferred shading because of this.
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Any updates on this? Loaded up the F-15 in 2.5 last night for some fps testing in the Rift and it was still there. And really bright and annoying.
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it was fixed in 2.2.0_OpenAlpha but it seems to have made a return in 2.5

also.. look at the throttle quadrant (looks brandy spankin' new!)

and the area directly aft of the ejection seat - also looks new (no weathering)

sometimes as you roll the aircraft around, you get that weird glare on the inside of the canopy

i'm sure it will be brought "up to" 2.2.0 standard soon...
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Same problem noticed in the A-10A cockpit.
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I have the F-15 HUD dot issue as well. I notice it only appears when I have deferred shader turned on. While it is annoying and not present when I switch to HDR, I really like how the sim looks with deferred shading on.

From what people are posting, it seems to be an issue with FC3 aircraft. I haven't been flying the other FC3 aircraft so I can't confirm. Hope it is fixed soon.

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