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Did "Death Star" runs in Air Warrior...

Two hours of nothing followed by 10 minutes of watching fighters spin trying to reach you (and maybe you get off 50 rounds at some poor guy as a belly turret gunner) and then you either hit the target or all die because the pilot got bored and bailed out without telling anyone...

I'll pass...
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Never forget that Fighters are nothing, it’s Bombers who write History [ True Story ]

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There are 2 types of airplanes: Fighters and Targets!

"If you can't hit anything, it's because you suck. If you get shot down, it's because you suck. You and me, we know we suck, and that makes it ok." - Worst person in all of DCS

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Originally Posted by Hueyman View Post
Holy prop, we have those ubiquitous Fighters over and over again ( 109, Spits.. ) here and on IL2 as well as « What can I actually do with » planes such the Yak ... the B-17 definitely has its place.

I share your lament about having the "same old fighter set" on repeat.

And having flown 1000+ Ju-88 hours in flight combat games, I can assure you that I appreciate the bomber aspect of the air war.

However, the strategic bombers are a difficult match for DCS, as it currently stands. The B-17 is better suited to a character-based game, or even a civilian sim. I think philstyle has neatly covered the relevant points on that (LINK).

One of the latest DCS updates (LINK) indicates the inclusion of twin-engined aircraft; an important step in diversifying the DCS WW2 planeset. The DH-98 "Mosquito" will be human-flyable... hopefully the others mentioned will be too. The DH-98 also serves as reconnaissance and pathfinder — roles better suited to individual pilots. In this sense, I think DCS is moving in the right direction.

After that, I think photo-recon is the best option after fighters and ground-attack, as this is a genuine single-aircraft role, suits the fast twin-engined aircraft, and has a vital impact on any campaign... I do wish it was better catered for in DCS.

Ultimately, the "big formations" of the strategic bombers make them a massive challenge for any simulator, especially as levels of realism and the corresponding demands on computer performance escalate. Yes, strategic bombers are vital AI units in DCS WW2, but there are far more practical and interesting choices for upcoming player aircraft... and choices that are not just-another-fighter.

I am very grateful that the B-17 is an AI unit. That is critically important.

But I think the implementation of a flyable B-17 would be a mistake.
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a flyable b17 would be pretty cool, fly from england to france drop bombs. i bet its a blast to fly. multicrew it with a buddy who can swap positions and let other friends escort u in fighters - tell me thats not fun

u dont have to fly 6 hours straight if u dont wish to do so^^

seems like were getting strikers some day, so id personally prefer to develope transports and parachute capable c-47 skytrains and ju-52 first... dropping parachuters into combat to capture airfields would be very nice. also some new juicy targets for them fighters, and they would be great for blue flag style missions!

my two cents
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The old b-17 game is what got me in to flight sims. It had a lot of role playing aspects (healing wounded crew, flight plans, extinguishing fires etc) but if DCS made an updated clickable cockpit version with a real bombsite it would be marvelous. I will hold out hope.
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a flyable b17 would be pretty cool
It'd be the dog's bollocks, the bee's knees, the whole mojambo, da bizniz, the shiznit, whatever. Alas, we most likely won't see one in a loooooong while. Just grin and wait...
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You could always fly the A2A simulations B17. It lacks combat, but has a clickable cockpit.
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This game has a B17 where you can crew different positions and mission planing! I played it when it came out and cant give it more praise!
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Originally Posted by KalAbaddon View Post
This game has a B17 where you can crew different positions and mission planing! I played it when it came out and cant give it more praise!

That was my introduction to flight "simming"! . . back in 1991 or 92.
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