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@Viper Thanks for fixing the scaling issue! Works much better now

Still just scratching the surface but already discovered lots of nice and helpful features
It's about the small details - for example I like the way you visualize the cloud layers.

The 2D view of the flight path showing the altitude is very handy as well. Would it be possible to change the altitude of the waypoints in that 2D view?
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What is the correct way of updating it? Just run the new installer or should the old version be uninstalled first?

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Just run the new installer. It will update it by itself.

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I'm having an issue with my wing men not showing up in the DCS ME so I cannot change their position. Any ideas?

Sorry if this question has already been asked but is it possible to create a flight plan in Combatflite, say in Caucasus and copy all of the created data or the layers for all the units at once over to Persian Gulf? And a copy all layers function to be able to move everything around within the new map. Then all you'd need to do was alter some waypoints etc without having to redo everything. That would certainly reduce the amount of time to make missions. And a copy weather function too.

Would it be possible to take aircraft mods from our Saved games folders and add those into the Create a Flight-Aircraft list?

I can see myself having as much fun playing around with this as the actual flight itself! Once it hopefully gets integrated within DCS and is able to add in ground units, this software will be the the best thing to happen to DCS forever. (Well on par with the Harrier anyways!! LOL)

Cheers for the fantastic work, mate. Enjoying it a lot
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A fantastic program that might be to complex for my simple old mind (I am over 70). However, all of your efforts deserve a donation even though it is going to take me a long time to use the features of CF.

My hope is that either you or another simmer will do some detailed tutorials of the program, going step by step on YouTube.
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