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Originally Posted by Yurgon View Post
If I were new to DCS now, I probably wouldn't purchase most of the modules. And with the F/A-18C just two more weeks away, that's a no-brainer.

Anyway, the depth of the A-10C and Ka-50 modules doesn't go away, just like the brilliant feeling of flying the Huey, to name just my personal favorites.

For instance, I can easily imagine AFACing some Hornets in the A-10C, that would be immersive, realistic and probably a great experience for all involved.


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Woops, wrong thread!

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Not a chance it's gonna kill the P-47 or Me-262
Not unless a "Final Countdown" event occurs...

Those are my next two hyper-looked for DCS modules!
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Despite owning all modules except the choppers (I have the Ka-50 but can't get on with it) I'm still looking for something that will prise me out of the cockpit of my Su-27. The F-18 may do that for a bit. I was looking forwards to having a Eurofighter, but I guess that may or may not happen now.

Dammit, I want my 4th gen red air!
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Originally Posted by boedha68 View Post
From time to time i hop over to fly all the different modules. I enjoy all the different aircraft. Make missions, integrate audio files and/or military chatter. It keeps DCS interesting.

exactly what I do too! Though for the last 3 months, the Harrier has been my go to bird.

Definitely looking forward to the Hornet.

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