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Thank you Wags. It's good to see that you are listening to us.
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I never had any issues with the original proposal but I think it's a good move to make people happy.
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Thank you, Wags, thank you ED!

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Originally Posted by Krupi View Post
+1 and SkateZilla
I was actually in bed for most of the fall out, poor SiThSpAwn was at ground Zero the entire time though,
He may develop some weird super powers due to the radiation from the fall out, or turn into a giant reptile, SiThZilla Anyone? roflmao.

Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
ED does listen... Now can I pick the Hornet and can I write in another plane? Perhaps an F-22?
I want an F-35
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Thank you ED for listening. I think its safe to say we can leave the past and all try to move on.
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It will take us some time to re-design the personal backers page, but we are on it.
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On top of this, I've just received an update from customer services, they have refunded my Dora pre purchase and reactivated my 70% voucher.

Oh happy days.


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Originally Posted by SkateZilla View Post
I was actually in bed for most of the fall out, poor SiThSpAwn was at ground Zero the entire time though,
He may develop some weird super powers due to the radiation from the fall out.

I want an F-35, But I wont go there.
LMAO I take it back then
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Thanks for this update! I just have a few questions. Per the changes listed it appears that the aircraft alpha access has been removed for anyone below the 120 level. can this be confirmed? and is the ME 262 considered a separate entity now and not eligible as one of the 5 selectable aircraft?

Edit: typo iphone auto correct words

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I am a Kickstater $40 backer, I still want refund.
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