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Low Blow
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Default Holy smokes Deka

THIS is what early access should be. Best 63 bucks I've spent all year. Congrats on your debut and I hope to see many more modules from you in the years to come of this standard. Wow.

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Flanking Moustache
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Agreed! They exceeded my already fairly high expectations
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Agree 100%
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Congrats Deka. I am a (new) fan of the Jeff17 because of you guys.

Best of luck for new projects.
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From what I've seen, looking forward to buying more modules from you guys.
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Yep. Thank you very much. Not only is it fun to fly and has a very distinct character that can be enjoyed, your passion for the project is clearly visible and you have brought things into DCS that should have been there from the start and are still missing in other planes for years now.
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I watched Grim Reapers tutorials for this bird on youtube and thought "naa another early access thingi"... but I watched more tutorials and couldnt believe how much systems are already implemented and working! I am currently on the way home from work, next stop: DCS Shop.
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Agreed, +1 here, and the other 2 sim pilots in our home vote the same. I was so impressed with Heatblur's F14 release, and this JF17 release from Deka has shown that Heatblur's work doesn't have to be a one trick pony in ED's family. Congrats Deka. Every person I know who has bought the JF17 has a similar opinion too.


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Indeed, very nice work!
Just hope you havent overworked yourself 996-style, if so you deserve a rest You did it!
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+1 here. Enjoying it immensely. Since the days of Flanker (1995) I have mostly been flying Russian jets (Sukhois and Migs). Bought other modules primarily to support DCS as I though they make a good product.
This is not looking like a "support-the-company" purchase from me - far from it.

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