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Thanks Ramsey. I saw that in Wag's video on how to enter targets for JDAM's in the FA-18 IIRC and somewhere along the way I picked up that you can do this with the Harrier as well, because the Harrier is getting JDAM's too, although I haven't tried this method out yet.

While in the middle of an MP mission in a TRE and egressing, marking anything on the F10 Map is out of the question. That is why I asked if I could convert the point the TPOD or DMT is locked on at that moment to a waypoint/target point to be returned to later.

I know it's WIP, but there are some major issues with this F10 Map method as well. In MP the enemy can be set to not display, even if in LOS, which makes setting a marker an educated guess at best, and impossible at worst.

Getting off subject, for use on the Georgia At War dynamic campaign I was trying to figure out how to use this F10 Map method this as part of a kind of recon+pre-mission briefing for marking targets not seen on the map. In GAW they have radio menus telling you where attach missions are and these also have a marker on the map, but the marker can sometimes be off a bit and if it's a SAM sight I really want to have the radar exactly piled as a target, and without the symbols on the F10 Map there is just no way to accurately set your own markers.

What I have been doing is navigating on the F10 Map to the attack mission marker and then zooming in as far as possible and then using <Ctrl><F11> to switch to free cam view at the F10 Map point so that I can look around visually. This is my 'reconning', since there are no SAT or photo-reconn images to look at. I then move to the primary target (scroll-wheel puts the free cam into motion, mouse pointing determines the direction), pull up the status balken and set the coordinates to D°H'M".dec, open the Scratch-Pad-Mod™ (can only recommend) and enter the coordinates. Then I switch back to the cockpit with F1 and enter the coordinates in Scratch-Pad™ as a waypoint.

Works great when you are on the ground and not moving. When you are flying with enemy CAP and AAA in the area, not even possible to consider.

So, thank you again Ramsey, but I'm still stuck here.
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