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Originally Posted by Yo-Yo View Post
But, anyway, I understood their reasons and offered a special light version.
Yes, and cant thank BTD enough for making the extra effort
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Originally Posted by Yo-Yo View Post
But, anyway, I understood their reasons and offered a special light version.
Thanks Yo-Yo.

As a native German speaker well familar with the cultural context of the German speaking world I still strongly recommend ED to pay attention to the heightened sensitivies there and make the 'light' version the default one with the next release. Drama version can be optional.

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I think these kind of discussions in plain english have the potential to create an issue where else none would be. Before buying a DCS module representing a german ww2 warbird no one will check if the music does not have some sensitive (for some) words running barely distinguishing in the background.

My opinion is that some people have a hidden satisfaction in blowing air in the ash. Maybe some sparks rise... Maybe a fire...

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I originally had music turned off because it was obnoxiously loud with one of the early re-installs. I didn't realize each plane had its own piece written for it. I just turned music back on, very nice stuff!
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Originally Posted by Foul Ole Ron View Post
I don't care either way. I just can't change from the F86 music. Or stop my feet tapping when it plays.

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to me, I say keep it. But give others the options to switch out if they wish...

It just adds to the whole Dora, 1944/45 era... kinda sets me up for what's coming.

Just like the Sabre. Listen to that, and I'm in the 50's...

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lordy, its another storm in a D cup... the theme is fine
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For some it is, for some it isn't.
We just can't tell from here, since most people playing DCS are not active in the forums. That's one of the reasons why I brought the topic up. I'm sure ED doesn't want a Nazi discussion), and since even I noticed it right from the start and wasn't quite happy (and I am not too sensitive compared to lots of people in Europe, especially in Germany and Eastern Europe) I thought it would be a good idea to tell ED it might be a negative point for some. I was not sure whether they were aware in the first place.
I think the guys reacted very well. Sithspawn did a great job creating the poll so we can see whether the active forums guys care, and BTD already released a version for those who do, which is great!

The last question for ED to answer is which version should be default. If you ask the active forums users, it should stay the way it is now, because they either prefer the one with speech or don't care, and also because people reading these forums who don't like it (including me) can download the altered version from this thread. So everyone is happy.
What we don't know is the people who don't read or write here. They don't even know the altered version exists. So they might be sad about it and don't know they can change it, so they have to turn the music off and miss all the great rest of the music that is played.

So if we assume that most of the enthusiasts who really want the speech in are here, and most who don't like it are probably not here, the option with the least potential for conflict may be to offer the "dirty version" as a download and make the clean one the default. I thnik that's the way other companies normally release stuff that might be sensitive for some of their community. ED might choose differently, it's up to them of course.

Another possibility is to let the player choose in the options. The pure existence of the "dirty version" might anger a few people, but I would say those are really really rare and we can't help them anyway, so we could ignore them I guess. That option would mean work for the programmers though (a checkbox in the FW-190 options screen or something like that), so I would probably vote against that because ED programmers have enough on their plate already.
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Originally Posted by btd View Post
For Aginor and others who dont like speech FX:
I've made "clean" version of this music. You can download it from our site
Thank you very much! I am not offended by the speech, but I do prefer the track with just the music. I'm very fond of the stuff you've done for DCS. Don't ever stop making it!

: )

[Addendum: sorry, folks, was a thread "necro"--didn't mean to revive old discussion.]

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I love the historical context in the music. One voice seems to say "Links um, hierum, hier ist Nagellack".
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