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Default How to deal with Mirage 2000C's?

After a couple of MP sessions, I have found the Mirage pretty much undefeatable in a guns only fight, wether I have a F-15 or Su-27. It just turns around ridiculously fast after the merge, and before you know it, he's on your 6. If I turn gently to keep up energy, he gets on your six pretty quickly. Turn harder, and you can keep him off for a bit. But when you loose energy, he gets back on. Even the hornet isn't that hard to defeat. If I use IR missiles, and can catch him by surprise, then I usually win. But if he is aware of me, I generally loose. Any tips?
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For su-27
1. no vertical maneuvers
2. not more than 6 tons fuel load
3. overpower deflection limiter
4. 500-600 km/h speed
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The Mirage has a lower thrust-to-weight ratio than both the F-15 and Su-27 (if they are at 50% fuel or less). To beat a M2000 in a guns only fight you need to drag it really slow. It doesn't like turning when below 250knots and then you can outturn it. At higher speeds it has way more nose authority but sharp turns makes it lose energy fast. Careful though, if you do try to drag it slow but the other guy doesn't go for it, you'll be slow and he'll be fast and you'll still be dead.
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If you're in an Eagle generally you want to finish the fight before the merge happens at all cost. In many cases if you push a merge against a baguette he will turn it into scissors which the 15 will lose pretty much all the time.

In my experience the Mirage is stronger at low speeds, so you don't want to go there. If you keep the fight level and around corner speed the Eagle tends to win in the long run if you were neutral in the beginning. In a neutral merge if you turn on time and you're at the right speed you won't be at a disadvantage. I found out of plane maneuvers are difficult to counter since the other guy handles better at the lower speed regime which you will unavoidably enter while maneuvering nose high.

In offensive merges the biggest issue I have is to be at the right speed when you merge and if you're not you'll either end up in an overshoot or on the wrong end of a non counterable vertical move (which is never fun). This happens quite a lot in SARH fights when you're pushing either too fast or too slow (trying to dodge those magics) and merge unprepared because everything you threw at him missed.

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Something I've seen by observation is that the M-2000 is very capable at high-alpha excursions to bring about a gun shot or bring an enemy within launch parameters. The problem appears to be that high-alpha excursions like this cost a huge amount of energy, more so than in say an Su-27 or MiG-29.

If you can force an M-2000 to carry out some wild & wonderful manoeuvres then it's likely that he'll end up low and slow which can be deadly for the Mirage because both a lightly loaded Su-27 and an F-15C have a real T/W advantage.
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