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Originally Posted by iRocco View Post
Can someone explain the boost pump procedure? I think he is turning them off before takeoff and then on again when he is about to land.
Just switch it On before engine start and switch it OFF after engine shut down.
There is no another procedure.

Different procedure was for earlier model with three-position booster pump switch.

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"But it looks so much easier to taxi in RL, I think ED has to work on that, he just pushes the stick forward and has very precise controls with the rudder."
Yes, Rocco, at those slow speeds your rudder is doing nothing. You need to move faster to get air flowing around the surface for it to be of any use. In the Mustang, T6 also, pushing the stick forward unlocks the tailwheel and allows it to caster. You don't realy want to do this as you'll lose the airplane fairly quickly. With the stick nuetral, or pulled back, you have 6 degrees of movement from side to side because the tailwheel is now locked to the rudder. This is enough to allow you to taxi normally....and slowly! If taxiing the Mustang is giving you a hard time, my guess is that you're doing it with the tailwheel unlocked, or you are taxiing too fast. You have to be careful when the tailwheel is unlocked. It's really meant for making tight turns on the groud....not for normal taxiing.
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