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Default Mig 15 vs B52's?

Hi, having trouble with the mission where you need to take out the two b52's. Even if I 'cheat' and move directly to where they are before the comm's tell me about them, I just can't chase both down, as they just seem too fast. Even matching speed with them makes it very hard to hit, as the mig starts rolling wildly and is difficult to control at those speeds. You'd think they could've spared one of those mig 21's that are loitering about instead. Best I've got is 1.
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Make sure you don't get into the "chase down" scenario. Because both you and the B-52's do nearly the same speed. If you're coming straight at them, be sure not to let them go whizzing by, or you'll never catch up.
Instead, plan to start turning well before you cross paths, so that by the time you're on a parallel course, you are near enough to them that the minute speed difference you have can make up for any deviation in your turn. You really have to lead these guys and plan it appropriately.

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