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Originally Posted by Magic Zach View Post
For those flying historians wondering, I made a full swastika version of the default liveries (the only three there are). Can be found by Googling “DCS FW190A8 full swastika liveries”, found on LockOn. Doesn't break IC check. I can't post a link here. Apparently ED forums don't like links to LockOnFiles.

A lot of people were asking for it, and being a person who had the ability to provide such a thing, I did. There's nothing more to it. I won't post a picture of it here though.

thank you!
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If anyone could make this livery(minus the civil reg. markings) for the DCS Fw 190A-8 I'd be very grateful.

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Thank you
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Any livery guys be interested in doing a livery for Bernard Kunze's aircraft ? It is very popular with modelers , being essentially stock camo with a checkerboard cowling . Also has his wifes name in the heart on the side of the fusalage .

I'm particularly interested in this one because he happens to be the guy who shot down my wife's father . (He survived , but two of his B-17s crew did not .)

I have a photo showing details of the livery , but won't post it here as it shows a swastika . Can pm .
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And one Eastern livery? I know there is no theatre avaliable for this camo but... Walter Nowotny and his White 8, I don't have any original photo to show so this is my rc Fw190 1,8 span bird
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French Nc.900 would be cool. Czech Avia S.90 paint job would be cool as well. Turkey operated some A3's and A4's I believe. Might be fun to paint up for Persian Gulf... If ED will add the R8 kit, paint options expand some as well.
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Gents: Did you have trouble installing the module FW-190A8? i can not get it to install nor recognized in the 2.5.5 bete? Any help would be appreciated.

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Once the template is out, I'll tackle these.
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Yes Please! Looking forward to it. They will be stunning.
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Default FW-190A8 Haupt. Wilhelm Moritz, IV.Sturm JG3 "Udet", Memmingen.Germany, July 1944

Hi Guys
Here is My first FW190-A8 skin.
As there is no official Template/Skin pack yet I had to create my own Fully layered one from scratch which has layers for weathering,Lines & Rivets,National Markings,Warning Markings and paint etc.
I will be making this avilable soon but just have to tweak a few points.

The only thing I couldnt do was remove the serial Number(550) and its box
from the vertical stabiliser as I dont know how to script the description.lua file to remove it.
So if anyone with the expertise could do this for Me and send me the ammended description.lua I would be very grateful.



DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hdu517..._Udet.rar/file

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