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Baron von Myakin
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Sure! Sorry for inconveniences.
I have just asked guys whether it’s possible to stay in same channel with GCI and communicate inside the own group by another channel using SRS. And then I supposed using R-800 to communicate GCI and R-828 for connection with Mi-8‘s in the same group.
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Well, sure you could use both radios but you'd still miss calls since you' d have to switch between vhf1 and vhf2 on the R-800 panel.
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Thanks again Alpenwolf and 104th!

It was great fun, and the stream was really good (looking at it afterwards). Maverick got all hyped up, and for good reason It was like combination between Apocalypse Now and every Michael Bay movie ever. Red's rocket attack was just beautiful to watch.

And extra special thanks to Commie for the GCI. It really made it a match (and sorry for jumping the gun in the beginning ).

The only downside was quite a few technical problems from my own side. My joystick started to give spikes just before the tournament, so I had to use another one, which I haven't used to fly the Gazelle before, my Oculus kept losing its sensor and I had to switch to TrackIR in the middle and my DCS crashed twice...

Despite all of the above, I had really good fun! Waiting for the next one.
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