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Because of interviews some squad-members flying in a SATAL match might think they can join the match-stream to chat and respond to congratulations during the match. This is not the case and pilots that are flying or did fly a SATAL match are prohibited to join the match-stream until the match is over.

- Joining a match-stream you fly in is prohibited
- You can only join match-streams you are not flying in
- If you will or did fly the match, you need to wait until the match is over in order to join match-stream,
- Joining match-stream you fly in is only allowed when match is over (at least one aircraft landed)

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Meanwhile anyone can easily streamsnipe any long term tactics / flanking maneuvers, just gotta remember to log out. Great.

Are you're going to write a script that continuously monitors stream viewers and if someone from the flying teams shows up they are automatically DQ'd?

Same deal with warehouses, weapons are restricted but if you accidentally take one and don't notice you also forfeit the match, while you can actually prevent taking specific loadouts. The amount I can understand because you can't restrict in game ( actually pretty sure you can with some extra scripting ), but having missiles that are flat out banned (X etc) but still available in the warehouse?

Why are we adding more and more random opportunities for people to be disqualified?

How do you kill 2 flankers with 1 wing?

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It would be most secure way to stream after fight or match ends, I think. Anyway we haven't live stream.
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We understand your concerns, however we would appreciate it if everyone would try to not back seat the event and the stream. We are always working to make the event better. The stream rule was put in place to try to discourage people from chatting while flying. Not necessarily for stream sniping reasons, but because it comes across as hugely unprofessional to both other teams and viewers when people chat while still flying. It presents a look at me attitude and that is not something we want to be part of this event or any other events run by DCS World Events. This is the primary reason this rule was put in place. We recognize that people can log out of Twitch and watch, but that is what the stream delay is for.

As for the stream delay and peoples concerns about stream sniping, the current delay is around 1 minute and we feel it to be more than enough to mitigate issues. We have seen no issues or indications to people reacting in matches to what they see on stream. On top of that, people need to realize that either delaying the stream or streaming the match after the fact is not something that we want to do. Not only does it remove a large part of what makes Twitch fun, the interaction, but it also creates more work. Seeing that we are a very small team this is not something that can happen.

People, due to what I said above, will invariably say that we should just grow the team. Yes, that is a possibility, but I have seen repeatedly people say they will step up and help and then just turn around and disappear. People forget the outrageous amount of work it is to not only stream, but put on an event of this caliber and when they realize how much of a commitment it is to help out they tend to turn away again. I ask that you please be patient with progress and if you do have issues to please PM a member of the organizational team directly.

We have seen it time and time again that taking a direct approach on the forums or Discord leads to nothing more than brigading and a landslide of negativity that is very difficult to quell. A prime example of this was the old BF threads and the current BF Discord. Both turn to toxic environments and that is not something we want here. Again, if you have issues with anything pertaining to the stream or the event, please reach out to one of us directly either through PM here on the forums or on Discord. We welcome feedback, but we want it to be done in an organized and manageable fashion.

Lastly, please try refrain from trying to tell us how to run the event or the stream. It is perfectly acceptable to make suggestions, but saying things are not needed or things are dumb the way they are for example comes across as arrogant and disrespectful. The DCS World Events team does not get paid for these events and we use time that we would normally put towards flying to complete tasks that make events like SATAL possible. We put them on for the community to provide a competitive environment that DCS has never had. If you wish to talk about the future of SATAL, DCS World Events, want to join the team and help, or just have some constructive comments than please, by all means reach out to us, but lets try and leave the forums and Discord channel for updates pertaining to the events in question instead of turning them into witch hunts.

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New episode with a change of direction. Analyzing specific fights using tacview instead of the whole engagement.

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...edit, moved to discord

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Hey, got a question, how are the kills and deaths calculated for the result tables ?

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Hi Shadow, it's quite straightforward:

Death - any pilot who doesn't make it back to home base (shot down; ejected; crashed; etc).

Kill - any bandit shot down by the action of our weapons.

So for instance, if you run out of fuel, or get team killed, etc your team gets a death but the other team doesn´t get a kill.

The outcome from each round it's added to the total score shown on the result tables

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