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Originally Posted by Pikey View Post
The current system, after ten years of being on these forums made me apathetic to bothering to log issues now.

If ED wants to save money on QA and use the community, they would do themselves a favour by streamlining this process and getting people onboard.

At the moment it appears as generic "noise". I'm sure they count the thread views than what the issue actually is. And I've change my approach to this. Trouble, what is important to me, is generally not important to others. Watching too many "rivet counting" issues get way out in front, yet fundamental scripting API's and multiplayer bugs sink down low on fix lists.

So frankly, it's easier and has better results to make a lot of noise on the forums about issues than it does submitting a quality defect, because all we really want is acknowledgement first, since we have no idea if the bug is prioritised or even understood.

If Eagle wants quality bugs, they'll need to come half way with me and give quality response, or any response at all.
Exactly, the community need to be a part of this, as a friend said, reporting a bug and see a thousand of viewers without any post show the global feeling in this community, peoples let leak everything...
Make the reporting system great again!
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Originally Posted by HC_Official View Post
3. Track playback working correctly might aid in replicating bugs
It's counterintuitive for people, but I'm 99% sure the devs have the right tools to work with track files, so even if the track shows you something different on the playback it may still contain tons of valuable information.
For example: you take off, flight 1h, then land, but the replay shows crash after 5min. That doesn't mean that the remaining 55min of flight inputs are gone. It's still there in the file.
Of course it's not perfect and it cannot show everything that happend this way.

+1 to some kind of feedback. That's most important. Could be even color coded like:
> green - fixed or feature - not a bug

> yellow - reported and confirmed as bug

> orange - reported, not confirmed, need more info

> red - not yet acknowledged
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As a guy who almost never posts here, Ive very recently had both a very good and very bad experience with the current bug reporting system

1) I posted in the general DCS F18 forum to ask a question on what I was doing wrong - this post automagically moved from the DCS F18 forum to the DCS F18 bug sub forum and the title was changed as "Reported"and the thread locked down - my initial reaction was "too cool!" but I received no notification about this. I had to go back to find my post. Because the post was locked down, no one could comment on it so I wasnt getting notifications and when the admins moved the post I also received zero notifications. While this was VERY effective for the admins, as a customer it left me both excited and puzzled as had I not found my old post via my transcript (it wasnt in the DCS F18 forum where I posted it anymore!) I would have never known what happened. You can read this thread here:

2) The above encouraged me to post another bug report - which left me feeling frustrated. This second bug report was closed as "NOT A BUG" with zero explanation. So again, with zero notification on who made the update to my post and with zero information on why my bug wasnt a bug, I was left feeling puzzled. This post has now been merged with another post (which is a good thing!) but if I give you the url to it, it wont make any sense because the two posts were merged. You just have to trust me that I made a post that said "here is how to reproduce XYZ bug" and the title just changed to "NOT A BUG" and the post had no explanation.

Im not here to criticize the admins - like Pikey said earlier, its probably mostly all noise to them from internet warriors who wont read the manual - it probably gets very mundane and repetitive. But for the people that actually try to make DCS a better place, the current system lacks a feedback mechanism to help encourage good reporters to report.

Id almost recommend no one can post in Bugs until they meet a certain threshold granted to them by the Admins. And those people can move posts from the main forum to the bugs sub forum. Then maybe the Admins can spend time with those few people to educate them on the bugs report and how to research and those 'volunteers' can educate the community. Man, I'd attend a weekly call even if it was at oh dark thirty to walk through a handful of bug reports and learn the reason behind them. That could be very powerful!

Anyways, just my two cents from a guy who dealt with this very recently and walked away both in awe (MATT WAGNER COMMENTED ON MY POST! HOW COOL IS THAT??!??) and frustrated from the whole experience.

Good luck with the direction this goes - I wish you all well!

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I was under the impression that ED has their own closed-beta test team as well that provides bug reports? I think that a lot of the things that we - the community - reports, is also being reported internally. Maybe ED already has a better system 'on the inside' that we're not aware of or privy to?
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Originally Posted by rrohde View Post
I was under the impression that ED has their own closed-beta test team as well that provides bug reports? I think that a lot of the things that we - the community - reports, is also being reported internally. Maybe ED already has a better system 'on the inside' that we're not aware of or privy to?
Why would you care about their internal testing on the internal version? It's not that we get our hands on it, so beside the update notes "known bugs" we don't see or report the same bugs anymore.
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One thing ED could do is to re-arrange the forum layout to make bugs sub forum less hidden away

ED Forums » English » Digital Combat Simulator » DCS World 2.5 » Bugs and Problems

Bugs are currently hidden at least 5 forums level down and now with the patch notes and newletter thread inside 2.5 sub forum, bugs are just getting drowned out with noise

I just wish they would at least sort that out at a min, if I did not know better I might think they are trying to hide things away ....

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We basically have this, a small number of internal testers, some of which, like me, are not solely testers, but try to keep track of bugs and reports, and test internal builds.

We also have a volunteer test team, they do what they can when they can.

We also have Open Beta, while not required, we ask, and appreciate everyone that helps report bugs here.

That said, while we appreciate those posts, it doesn't mean that they will always get responded to, or marked up, it doesn't mean they are ignored or less important. It just means that everyone is busy trying to build this simulation. Wags is incredibly busy, and can't always respond, or explain why something is wrong, same with others on the dev team.

The best you can do is try and make sure your reports are laid out as we ask, make sure what you are reporting is a bug, and be patient.

Thanks all.
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I've seen many bugs I reported taken care of, over half of them didn't receive a reply/acknowledgement. Yes the business, I also think in most such software development, it can also be more of a "mind my own business" thing of not getting too personal, it may just be one of the ways of dealing with a large global audience, funny I say stuff like this when even I'm guilty of some things on here as well in the past and I'm ashamed now I was a bit rough for wrong reasons at first.

In general, developers need to be calm to do their job, they aren't your neighbour, your fitness coach, your side-kick for cleaning the kitchen (I would need one right about now), so I think it's also about not wanting to get personal with the issue and even valid criticism can be demotivational and stressful too so keep that in mind, plus if they do talk most of them talk on the Russian forums AFAIK.

You want more spent on the game, not on a team of PR people making the forum look nice, right

But I do technically somewhat agree with this thread just not sure right now and not in the exact same way, so I'm avoiding ticking any option.
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