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After this update, I actually gained fps with going fullscreen. Nice!
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And mines turned into a stuttering mess
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Originally Posted by BaconSarnie View Post
And mines turned into a stuttering mess
Maybe a video driver reinstall may help? Something to consider if you like.
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I now have trim control for the Hawk in the Alpha. It may take awhile to pick out all the improvements but definitely an improvement for me.
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The wind indicator near the runway now seems to work.

Also the C-101 now doesn't crash the client anymore when picked in multiplayer
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I don't know how I did it, but I updated both 2.0 and 1.5. When I ran 1.5, I got black screen at loading. The fix, for me, was to delete DCS World in Saved Games. DCS 1.5 put it back but I lost all my settings.

I DO NOT mind!

FPS up close to 200 away from towns. I will try force full screen to see if that changed, too.

AWESOME update both ways!

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Originally Posted by BaconSarnie View Post
And mines turned into a stuttering mess
Same here.......but only in multiplayer. Single player is smooth!
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How do we force an update? Not going through for me when I open normally.

Many thanks
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Start menu under Eagle Dynamics.

If you don't have one, the program is in the /bin folder of your install.
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Many thanks you're the best
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