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Superb Chuck! Thanks!
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Nice work. As always.
Kind regards,

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Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I hope it gets more people flying the Ka-50 and other DCS modules.
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Originally Posted by Charly_Owl View Post
I have received these questions a number of times via PM, so I'll answer here:

Q: Will you do a Ka-50 guide at some point?
A: Yes.

Q: When?
A: I cannot give specific dates since my schedule got really really busy.

Q: I mean, seriously... when?
A: Currently, I have zero free time to work on it (job + master's degree + DCS testing). I don't expect to have anything released until at the very least 2016.
Hmmmmm........ Sounds like we need to do a "Crowd Funded" Retirement package so you have more time.
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Much kudos for Ka-50 Guide.
Thanks for your effort.
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Default Thanks Chuck

Keep me coming. Thanks for your efforts....
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This stuff is so good I'd be willing to pay!

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Fantastic work as usual.

I hope you'll find time to cover the free Su-25T and TF-51D for newbies.

Learning about landing patterns, navigation, weapons employment, etc. for the first time has a steep learning curve with lots of info to take in and remember. Even for an 'old hand' it's sometime hard to find the correct basic info for a FC3 aircraft (Vr, Vne, fuel ranges, etc.) if I want to plan/fly semi-realistically.

You have a 'knack' for distilling the important info from multiple sources and presenting it in an ease to understand way. I hope you'll consider these aircraft as well (if you haven't already).
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Just recently got the KA50 and it looks daunting, thank you for this guide. I think it might make my life way easier. Kudos to you sir :-D
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Many, many thanks for this great job.

Very helpful
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