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Default Nostalgia for the Old Flanker Heads...

A long time ago Eagle Dynamics showed us a video of a fantastic rendering of the beautiful Su-27. We all were wowed thinking that someday it would be...

Now is the day!

Thanks Matt and all at Eagle Dynamics for seeing it realized!!

Sorry I don't know how to embed the video!
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You just read my mind, I was thinking exactly that while I flying 1.2.4 today. The clip I remember wasn't this one though, but a lone Flanker flying high among the clouds.

As you said, amazing times indeed! :-)

Best regards,

Juan Andrés "Susto"
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Hey Shepski:
just copy everything behind the equals sign of the URL.
click the youtube icon and put it between the two 'youtubes'.

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I still have the SU-27 FLANKER (I guess it's 1.0?) box here on my desk. Played that day out and day in when I was young
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Yup! I found that clip in an old collection of DVD's. It was something that a pal "Magneto" sent me (Old Flanker 2.5 people will know him and his cockpits). Imagine the day when we can actually enter the aircraft in that way...walk up to it and mount the ladder and enter. haha! There is a fuel truck with pipe connecting it to the aircraft upon refuel...etc. All in the name of immersion eh? ground handling in that render is still a target for the current FC3 aircraft. lol....just pulling your leg Matt. I know you will go.... Not again.
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Nice recycle Shepski!
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Even better times are awaiting us. DCS su-27 and F-15 will be epic time as well to remember when they arrive, I already had my share of happy tears about all the great news. I got only Flanker 2.0, considering to putt it up on my wall boxed in like those expensive baseball cards whit autographs on them.

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Originally Posted by Wags View Post
Speaking of memories Matt, remember when Jim got us all working on Team Apache? Those were some really fun days!
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The current real time rendered model actually look a good deal better than the one in that video...
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