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Welcome of the P-51D Mustang forum.


1.1. - Lock On and Digital Combat Simulator are entertainment-line products and these forums are intended for a general audience. As such, it is strictly prohibited to post material considered inappropriate for minors or discriminating toward any individual or group, including:

* Profanity
* Adult content (sexually explicit and/or relating to the use of drugs and alcohol)
* National, ethnic, racial, religious and sexual discrimination

1.2. - Members must treat other with respect and tolerance. Material that is offensive, insulting or constitutes an attack against any individual or group will be subject to administrative actions.
1.3. - Administrative actions against forum members are not subject to public discussion. If you feel an action against you was unjust or otherwise inappropriate, please use the Private Messaging (PM) system to appeal the action to other forum staff members or the forum administrator.
1.4. - Posts/threads that undermine the actions of the forum staff, such as opening threads that are redundant, disruptive or deal with topics that have been previously locked, will result in administrative actions against the user.
1.5. - Threads and posts are to be on topic according to the forum section and thread title.
1.6. - No multiplayer disputes on the ED forums, including inter-squad flamewars and accusations of cheating against a player or players.
1.7. - No political disputes on the ED forums.
1.8. - Material and links to material that includes information on and/or promotes software piracy is strictly prohibited.
1.9. - Advertisement of products or services without prior consent from the forum staff is strictly prohibited.
1.10. - Product feedback and constructive criticism is encouraged when provided in a mature and courteous manner. However, feedback that is abusive, insulting or condescending is not welcome. Additionally, to bring up a particular issue repeatedly after it has already been acknowledged will be considered "trolling" - in such cases a warning will be issued to the author and the post will be removed.
1.11. - Multiple user accounts and proxy accounts are not allowed on this forum. Any such account will be removed.
1.12. - While general news and updates on other simulation projects are allowed in the Other Sims section, this is a privately run forum for Eagle Dynamics projects. General discussion and product support of other titles does not belong here and should be moved to the appropriate publisher/developer website.


2.1. - Signatures may include images and/or text. If using images, use the Control Panel to upload the image to the forum for hosting and make sure it does not exceed the stated limitations of 500x100x20KB. There is no linking to 3'rd party servers for signature image hosting.
2.2. - Use the Control Panel to upload an avatar to the forum for hosting and make sure it does not exceed the stated limitations of 80x80x20KB. There is no linking to 3'rd party servers for avatar image hosting.
2.3. - Maximum signature height is 6 text lines. Take 20 px height of a picture as one text line. So a signature with 100 px height picture can have one text line below or above the picture.
2.4. - Empty lines are forbidden in signature.


3.1. - Administrative action refers to the system of warnings and bans utilized on this forum as disciplinary actions against members in violation of the above rules. A Warning Bar is used to track the members’ warning level. The warning level and duration for any single violation is at the discretion of the forum staff, but are generally based on the severity and number of prior violations. Upon reaching 100%, a user is subject to a temporary ban, the duration for which is likewise at the discretion of the forum staff.
3.2. - Any attempts to circumvent a temporary ban (including the creation of a new forum account, using alternate IP addresses, etc.) will result in an immediate permanent ban.
3.3. - In severe cases, such as personal threats to the health and well being of a forum member or staff or endorsement and promotion of product piracy, a permanent ban will be issued immediately.


4.1. - Become familiar with the User Control Panel, where you can tailor many of the forum viewing options.
4.2. - Before creating a new thread, use the Search function to check if the subject has already been covered. Typically, better search results can be achieved via the Advanced Search function.
4.4. - When creating new threads, be specific in their title.
4.5. - Be respectful of other members' bandwidth. Keep image sizes down, use the attachment function to thumbnail images, do not quote images, minimize image signatures, etc.
4.6. - General use of “normal writing” practices is expected, including grammar and punctuation rules. Extensive use of capital letters, symbols, emoticons and non-standard text size, font and color is discouraged.
4.7. - Remember: this forum is created and operated by Eagle Dynamics and The Fighter Collection. You are welcome here and we hope you enjoy your stay, but don’t forget the house rules!

Thank you!

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