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I would guess ATI Eyefinity for 4 screens?

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Hi Guys, I am using this fix for the version of fc2 prior to the patch. I see that the patch has added some code and a server file that the client must match. The readme said something about preventing cheats by altering the view angle settings.

Does anyone know if that prevents this fix from working online? I don't want to have to play with one monitor to go online

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Originally Posted by Kegetys View Post
How about quad monitors:

Done with this
As a cyborg, you will serve SHODAN well
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you have been busy, great work, zclear sounds good
and the new config sure looks friendly

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Hey all,

Im running 4 monitors on black shark

the shkvl is now under the middle screen. Using softtg and a phantom monitor fix, when i try on FC2 I get a runtime error.

Is it possible to run 4 screens on FC2 with the lower middle screen (far left in photo) as the instruments without using touchbuddy (want the A10 maveric camera or F15 MFD)


edit: Just the post 2 above

edit 2: doh.....not got windows 7 only xp.

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I tried for hours last night but had to uninstall and re0install in the end because i generated some error.I have a couple of (hundred) questions regarding this.In Lock On you had to identify your monitors, so mine go 2,4,1,3 do i need to do that somewhere in flaming cliffs (didnt need to do it in BS).I want the 3 screens to be 4,1,3 - Im not bothered about the 4th screen for now until I get win 7 and setup like kegetys (nice) Will the 4th monitor being there in XP affect the settings, should I unplug it? All are 1280x1024.Now in the SOFTTH setup and all the resoloutions in view and config and options (3x1280=) 3840 x 1024 and in SOFTTH config, why did OP not put an option in for 3840x1280x60? In Black Shark I had the resoloution as 4x1280=4864x1080 and used the phantom monitor fix to push them all into shape.As I have 4 screens on XP, do I need to set the start position for X=1280 and do I need to configure windows so it spans monitors or can I keep them all separate.I though I finally had it sussed with Black Shark but once I configured that I couldnt play Lock On, now I cant play Flaming Cliffs and assume when I suss it for FC i wont play BS!OMG - sorry for all the questions, would appreciate it if anyone can advise.Win XP and 4x17" HP monitors on 2 gfx cards.
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Hi, I too just got 3 Projector setup and I am having trouble getting FC2 working in a Triple screen environment.
I have it working now I just have a zoomed view. I can not get it too zoom all the way out. I tried the fix over at SoftTH Forums but It said I need to modify the Cockpit.lua, where the heck is thatat?? I did a search came up dry, is it called something else??

Uploaded with

WEll I got it working but some of the planes still need a Wider FOV I think so I see more of the sides and farther away from the Hud??

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i finally got mine working..

but have found that in multiplayer. .the MENU is huge instead of just utilizing the center monitor until you are in the game..
but a weird thing is that I can see the server menu, but when I click on one to join.. I dont get the password screen..

seems like somethings not aligned....

Did I miss something..
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Does Softh works with nvidia suround 3D setup ?
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no - both methods use dll hooking and will eject each other.
You can comebine a "nvidia suround" monitor - with softth and other monitors - but you can't use 3D on it while softth is active and vice versa.
More about SoftTH :SoftTH NEWS

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