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Originally Posted by The_GOZR View Post
The girl coming to kiss you (or something more substancial) after each successful mission
This was not mentioned because i guess some of us have it already..

Good idea LOL...
Yeah and some of us have it plural wise too.

A training program would be high on my list tis why im looking fwd to fighterops.
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Default My request


2. AAA


4. A FORM of "PUNK BUSTER" So you cant be seen when your up at 45k and the bad guys back is too you while hes ready to take off.

5. Yes Girls!!!!!!! And the Option to get out of your air-craft and go to the Bar in the lounge and chat with your buds; first person.

6. Cats, dogs, birds, chickens, cows, and Vulchers!

7. Barrage Balloons!

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Definitely a training program where u start basic and work right through. Also ingame comms channels selected by radio frequency and more interactive and realistic airfield radio/procedures.
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I'd also like the sea to get choppy.

When you land on a carrier it pitches and heaves
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Minor details like a working hook for the F-16 and F-15 never been done always been my one dislike that no one has bothered to put such a feature in either F-15 or F-16 sims. As for other features FSX has some quite good features such as missions with rewards a decent logbook that can be read by other players in the lobby is cool(Falcon 4 feature). Missions need to be in more detail too the whole mission concept wasn't very good in FC since it would have been better to be able to access more weapons as you progressed in the campaign. In FC alot of missions featured incorect loadouts and should have had better use of the aircrafts capabilities. The idea of having other characters in the game is cool too and the use of actors or actors voices also adds more to the immersion factor. Topgun featured this and it was alot of fun. Also F4 style mission planning with a knee board with your flight info plus an ingame voice coms like Open Falcon or FSX would be cool too.
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*Realistic taxiing procedures,
*realistic atc,
*realistic navigation and ILS procedures,
*reliastic and dynamic weather, turbulances, wind noise,
*realistic in-cockpit noise differentiated for every aircraft (flaps always opened and retracted with the same sound in every aircraft in LO),
*realistic air traffic,
*realistic and live cities
*realistic reality afterall
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Originally Posted by Boneski View Post

What Small Elements Are Missing From Combat Flight Sims?
That really necessary for FULLY INVOLVEMENT.

1. some AI aircrafts flying, from time to time, traffic patterns/touch and go, at airbases and carrier;
2. AI aircrafts taxing to right parking positions on carrier deck (using back motion for fine parking);
3. some random objects (aircrafts, choppers) parked on carried deck, out of AI taxing ways;
4. several random men on carried deck, out of AI taxing ways;
5. player's aircraft starting from parking position on carrier deck;
6. AI's aircrafts starting form parking position on carrier deck;
7. some pre-determinated ships formation;
8. carrier lighting always ON;
9. real aircrafts markers (for Su-33: 82,84,86,88,62,64,...);
10. air radar support from carrier;
11. MORE FLEXIBILITY: ED could add an arrestor hook at its Su-25* model, and we'll have a Su-39 with AFM, ready for naval operations, even if it could not be in service in real world. But, this is a sim.

I think these improvements are really small elements, but, as always, like alls ... I'll wait uselessy ...
So, this GREAT SIM, with its potential will be soon put aside for a new title, new engine, new ..., new ...
and in the future we'll have another great sim ... ready to put aside for another new title, new engine ...
and we'll be STILL asking for SAME improvements and SAME enhancements, as always.

Why is so bad work deeply about current sims?

Is't really so offensive for a company share something towards its community?
Some years ago I played OFP. BI politics towards its community is open, but BI sell again its products.
Unfortunately, OFP is not flight sim.
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Also... and Lock on has this all ready and it is safe to say that this was the first combat title to have this...

swirl marks visible in the canopy... that's detail!

Hot turn arounds would be cool too... again this could be a realtime cut scene... you taxi to the area that has the stuff setup in a static way... taxi into the box and the cut scene starts... That would be sweet!

This is cool:

9. real aircrafts markers (for Su-33: 82,84,86,88,62,64,...);

To add to this:

The Aircraft in the new sim could be unique objects. Meaning just like in real life... Tail and Side numbers exist for the limited number of aircraft in the database. (They don't need to be real tail numbers but just an ID for the Jet that the database can use as a Key to keep track of it)

For example and F-16D Tail Number 572 / AF85572 would be a Jet in the game (lets say the game was based on a NATO deployment) this jet could be based at a location on the map.

And if the AI is using it, the database keeps track of the hours (even if you are not running the game, the game could use the date you start the game again and do some random work to generate history for the game state)

The Database keeps track of what that tail number is doing... Did the AI take it to the range... Blah blah... where there any AI mishaps?

Also the Human player can get assigned to that jet... so the same tracking system used for the AI can be used to track the players work in the jet.

If you break the jet... it gets coded and that Jet gets marked in the database with a status.

The next big sim should really have limited aircraft for the player’s side.
If the player selects NATO then the drill down starts from there.

The players get assigned a NATO squad and Airbase.

That base has a resources list…. Blah blah blah!

If a non NATO side is selected the same thing should happen.


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For a leap forward in immersion, new sims (well, and old ones too, with apropiated patches) should support head trackers for different HMDs... specially mine (hehe)! It's so great to "simply" see what is at your head line of sight instead of being confined to the monitor display. So simple in concept and so technically difficult.

I like, too, the idea of being able to walk to the aircraft. Can be done partially with active camera in FS (you can't jump into the cockpit as said earlier in the thread), and combined with the stereoscopic capabilities of the HMD it's just a great little detail.
By the way, new sims should not miss stereoscopic support.

VR powa!
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Dynamic weather patterns are must for me. Although it was already mentioned.

EAX HD support for sound integrations would be my next choice. Lockon lacks sounds to much... Stereo is old school. Time to get up with the program in this area, that’s my vote.

DX10 exploding particles would be third, but sound is something ED needs to revisit in my view. Sounds are usually the one that gets less attention until you hear it to its full capability. Once you hear it, you would not want to go back to basic stereo basics...If ED still has the mind frame of bringing up a sim that’s up to future generations. Then, sounds needs to be included in this project.

This is my opinion…

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