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View Poll Results: What type of Combined Arms tournament would you like to have?
Combined Arms only 2 4.76%
Combined Arms & Helicopters 28 66.67%
Both ideas are good. We could do one at a time 10 23.81%
Bad tournament idea. Please, no 2 4.76%
Voters: 42. You may not vote on this poll

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I like how you put forward those ideas, just having some slight issues with some of the ideas themselves.

Originally Posted by Rolds View Post
so that when a CA player dies they have to grab a new one and drive it into the AO (avoid having CA players in for a couple minutes then sitting out the rest of the round, plus I don't think we will actually find that many CA players.)
Probably not, if they have to drive it all the way to AO. (How well can they just hide? Because mostly they'd do just that.) It's already a pain to fly helicopters to the AO, and these guys are much slower... (HT missions have been designed with the sole focus of helicopters so much less an issue than normally.)

Things like these are what I meant with the mission requiring iterations. Also in the Helicopter Tournament you could see some issues which were ironed out over the couple of rounds before it started really clicking. And that was without all the issues and deficiencies that CA has in DCS, making most players shun it. (Still I think it would have tons of potential...)

Maybe some light ground support aircraft could be also be included, like SU25 (unguided weapons only), L39, CC101? Anything where they're trying to drop unguided weapons.
L39 could work. SU25 I think too powerful, CC101 - maybe not yet ready for prime time? L39 may be too powerful against the weaker helicopters.

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The tournament will take place next week or the one after that. Probably on Sunday.

Still working on final details.

Stay tuned for the sign up.

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Originally Posted by Alpenwolf View Post
No doubt. Which is why I called it a helicopters "tournament". Not really simulating anything in particular. More like testing skills and creating scenarios that can only exist in the virtual world.
The tournament with CA and helicopters (looks like it from the vote so far) might become something with a touch of realism to it. The first round will be a test for me as a mission designer and of course for all participants as pilots and ground forces coordinating attacks. So no expectations whatsoever. Let it happen first and we'll see how it plays out.
Compleatelly agree!

Lets let it play and see what happens!

I believe its gonna be fun, spectacular and a whole new concept of playing DCS.
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The problem is that CA is not working with VR, they haven't fixed that yet
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Great idea! CA and helos.
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