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Default Modules/missions/products to learn basic flight skills

I've been playing flight sims in some form or another for as long as I can remember, but there's a lot of basic skills I've never learned because of the nature of older sims as well as simple frustration with learning it. A few that come to mind is simply landing, navigation, as well as formation flying and aerial refueling. It's kind of embarrassing that I can shoot down planes and drop bombs just fine, but getting back to base and landing eludes me.

Can anyone recommend user or official missions for DCS that could help teach those basic skills? I have the F-5E module specifically because it's so similar to the T-38 I felt like a simpler plane to learn on would help, but so far no luck trying things on my own. I'm also considering getting X-Plane 11 to learn the basics on a general aviation plane (plus, just to have).
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For me, the A-10C is one of the easiest dcs plane to learn to fly, probably because it is quite slow .. tough its navigation computer is quite complex to learn in full, but for basic flying you only need the basic waypoint following skills.

It can do flight refuelling (that the F-5 doesnt have) and has all the basic avionics: Adf, tacan, ils.
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Watch this:

I don't need no stinkin' GPS! (except for PGMs )


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I've heard the L-39 and Kursant campaign is a great general aviation and airmanship trainer. Haven't tried it yet, maybe others can chime in.
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The F-5 is a great plane to learn in.

I have the same gear as you so I recommend using a high curve, maybe 30, for your stick. You need to make fine control movements.

You need to trim or you'll be fighting with the stick.

The "Approach and Landing" training mission that came with your F-5 module is a great 1st start.

From the main DCS menu - Training - F-5 - Approach and Landing.

Read through the briefing, and follow along with the tutorial. Try to follow the marked flight path (Big green boxes floating in the sky) while maintaining the correct speed and altitude.

Then repeat. Over, and over, until you lock it down.

(The green boxes stay there, so you can just do touch and goes if you don't want to reset the mission.)

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