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Any updates on MAC? I was looking forward to some FC3 level versions of modules I never bought due to time to learn them.
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I'm in the same place - I've played all manner of sims for years... and I don't have time anymore to learn the switchology for every aircraft... maybe one or two... but I'm really interested in having simplified 'HOTAS based' options.
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I have beat my head against the wall trying to figure with is going on with FC3 and Mac. isn't here someone who can say when where?
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Scope creep is real
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Originally Posted by AKA_Recon View Post
Too bad really, If people want Ace Combat they can go play Ace Combat with their mouse and keyboard.

MAC is opposite direction of what ED should be doing imo - let's get full fidelity conversions of FC3 aircraft - ie. F15C.

People come to DCS for its simulation aspects not just to fly an arcade game.
This may be true for most forum regulars, but how can you know that there aren't thousands of Steam users out there that just DL the free base sim and maybe one or two FC3 aircraft, and outnumber the hardcore sim enthusiasts 10-fold? After all, the game mode is there, and has been since the beginning afaik. I doubt that ED would release any numbers to confirm or deny this.

That said - I'm now a even less sure that we will ever see full fidelity clickable FC3 aircraft. On the need for that, I agree, but my money would be on Su-25 and Su-27/33.
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