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Originally Posted by Supmua View Post
Had a chance to try RSMapper recently and it's been great as a replacement for Joystick Gremlin (Windows 1903 update brakes vJoy) as well as TM Target to some extent.

There is one function that I use quite a bit with other apps which is sequence (toggle). By that I don't mean the sequence (macro) that is already in, but each time you press a single button it does different actions--For example, cycling between different Mastermodes VSTOL/NAV/AG in the Harrier with each press of a button. Am I missing something or this functionality hasn't been implemented?

Once you added the axis mapping functionality, please consider buttons to axis, axis to buttons, split axis, etc. as well. Thanks!
Ok, only now I have been made aware of how serious problem with vJoy is. Given that info I will focus on axis mapping in RS mapper. It will not duplicate vJoy functionality (for now I will not be making "virtual" devices) but basic axis recognition and event firing should be a good start.

as for different master modes with single button the best way to achieve is to create couple of profiles and map the button to "chagne profile" - the same button. Only in profile 1 it will go to profile 2, on profile2 it will switch to profile 3 and on profile 3 it will switch back to profile 1. Very easily achievable.
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hey there,

I´ve got another request.

would it be possible to rename the Buttons? Its sometzimes hard to figure which Button is actually where on the stick. I´ve got a list, but it would sometimes be more easy to just read it from your tool...btw, thx for your constant support

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Could you add the option to let us define the length of a press needed? For instance, i feel the A-10c's long press is quite long, i figure 500ms might be enough. If we could freely choose a value...
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Is possible have a "delay" (or hold) between a modifier and a key, example LShift+F.

I try use in IL-2 Great Battles (Bo'X'), but this game have problem with keymappers (JoyToKey, SVMapper, RSMapper...) because without "delay" or hold game see: F, LShift+F.
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