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Well I took off last night for the very first time in multiplayer. I guess I broke my
landing gear by going to fast before I tried to raise them, and I ended up flying
the whole time with gear down.

I stayed close to ground and got to the airport, but before I could start my run, I was
killed in my cockpit. Felt good to finally get up, but I will raise flaps and gear asap
from now on. Lesson learned. Felt so good !!!
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Try landing Dora without flaps. if you are not released flaps you can avoid bounce landing maintaining the speed (~180 km/h), that speed sufficient for the effective control of the aircraft. In DCS we have modern long airfields, not like airfields WW2, and we can well afford a long run on them.

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There is only one secret regarding takeoffs in the Dora:

- Pull the stick back ( all the way back ) until you get to around 130-150 km/h, and only then ease it a little, not necessarily to neutral because you can well perform a 3-wheel takeoff in this bird, provided you do not pull aggressively when it get's airborne.

The use of rudder to counter any tendencies to go left or right on the rw is still a requirement, but minor if you make sure the stick is pulled fully back during acceleration.

You should also use full power for takeoff in the Dora, as opposed to the K4 in DCS where I find it a lot better to takeoff at max 1.4 ATA...
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