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Default RN-24/28 Classnames?

Hey All,

I'm trying to write a script that detects if an aircraft has specific munitions equiped.

Right now here is what I have

weapRestrict.weapon2BAN={"AIM-120C","AIM-120B","R-77"} (Example Munitions)


if weapRestrict.weapon2BAN[bwCount] == checkPayload[bCount].desc.typeName then
    trigger.action.outText("Restricted Weapon detected: " .. checkPayload[bCount].desc.typeName .. ", this weapon is BANNED,  ".. e.initiator:getPlayerName() .. " kicking to spectator", 120)
But I can't seem to figure out the name of the "Nukes" to add to my weapon2Ban list. I checked the Weapons Database file but I couldn't find them obviously as RN-28 or RN-24.

Im doing this instead of setting warehouse limits because warehouse limits break with patches frequently, so I wanted a more stable solution so I can leave on unlimited weapons.
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