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Exclamation [BUG] Fix the Gaming Mice Polling Rate stuttering

Hi to everybody

I am here to suggest some support for the gaming mice out there that are stuttering and incompatible with DCS due to their polling rate.

I am using a Logitech Mouse G203, it is a good mouse and perfect on any game except for DCS: in fact I have several issues when I try to move the cursor, since it doesn't move on a regular basis but instead randomly, and my physical movements do not correspond to logical movements most of the times (if I move my mouse on my desk left of 1cm, most of the time the game does not recognize this movement).

For this reason every time I want to play DCS I need to use my old mouse which is obviously less accurate.

For this reason I am asking Eagle Dynamics if it is possible to fix this weird bug, specially for people relying on mouse in order to move their visual around.

What do you guys think?
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Logitech G603 user here. I just set my mouse to "endurance mode" (125 Hz polling rate, instead of 1000 Hz.)

It gives much longer battery life, and I really can't tell the difference in any kind of game, and am mostly convinced that a 1000 Hz polling rate for a mouse is more of a gimmick than anything.

125 Hz is excellent for gaming and works well in DCS.

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