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Originally Posted by Lancezh View Post
I have been with oculus from day one, DK1, DK2, CV1, and now the Rift S, and it starts to really annoy me. Constantly the Touch controllers being out battery, even though i dont use them, i use VR anyways 95% for DCS and nothing else... it really was time for me to say good bye at least in parts. I never had gamebreaking issues with the Rift and got lucky all in all, but yeah...
Just be aware that the Touch Controllers and WMR are not as good as oculus. You need a bluetooth capable pc or dongle to even use those bloody controllers. Saying that, they are still wrapped in my box that came with the reverb and i haven't touched them, so... i don't mind that at all.

In regards to return policies, i cannot help you as i'm in switzerland but i assume this comes down to the reseller, when in doubt, ask the specific retailer that sends them.

IF you do go for the reverb, remember to tune your rig as suggested in the article that i linked, it has a significant impact on performance, and just out of the box the reverb might look not like a big improvement compared to the rift, especially the smaller sweet spot was noticeable for me, but i got used to it afterwards.
When I do a long gaming session with just flight sims, I remove the batteries from my Touch Controllers and leave them out till I need them again.
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Originally Posted by epolta View Post
My measured IPD by optometrist is 68.5. I have it set to 67 in WMR settings (because that's as high as it goes with the slider) and set it to 68 in DCS - which is really just for world scale. I do notice a bit of eyestrain, but it almost feels like it's because the visuals are SO good - like looking at high resolution monitor up close or something? The sweetspot for me (area where headset can sit on face with things still in focus) seems pretty big to me, but it can be difficult to see switch names when looking down and behind. Sometimes I have to physically move the headset down on my face when looking down and behind me so everything is in focus.The other thing I experimented with was removing facial interface foam which allows the headset to sit closer to your face, drastically improving the field of view. I did a similar mod with my Rift S and I think I will do it for reverb as well, by adding some craft foam or weather stripping along the forehead.
Yeah i was referring to the worldscale setting, i have it on 55 ipd normally, just trying to figure out what's giving me eyestrain
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Your description let me think to this thread:

If my memory is good and not confused, Wicked has also a true IPD that is not possible to reach with most of the HMD on the market and can't have confortable vision with the Reverb for 1mm difference between it's true IPD and setting available. For him, only the Valve Index seems to works well.

He could probably give you more info if I am not wrong or try to read his feedbacks in the Valve Index thread as a hint
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