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I got my O+ last week and have been flying in VR for 30 minutes a day to slowly get used to the sensation. I was not overly impressed using it in the A-10C or F/A-18, as the degraded graphics makes it hard even to spot an airfield from 10 miles out, let alone spot enemies and other stuff, but was so blown away when I used it with the Huey. That's where VR really shines, at least for me. I'll keep it just for that.

On the technical side, I did all the suggested steps with WMR beta and SteamVR beta and have solid 45 fps with PD of 1.3 in Caucasus with my setup.
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SteamVR beta broke last night, and I could not get it to work. Compositor 306 and 400 errors.

Some investigation led me to just dropping out of the beta, and everything worked again. But how?

So just so everyone is aware, the SteamVR beta works very differently from the way DCS and DCS OpenBeta work.

In DCS, they are different code branches.

In SteamVR, the beta is simply the newest version standing in front of the production one. Each production one itself formerly the beta.

So coming out of the beta at this point puts you right back where you were before. What was formerly beta is now production.

I hope I'm making sense here.

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