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Default What happened to the RIOs after the Tomcat retired?

I was wondering what the RIOs did after the Tomcat was retired? I assume that they went on to other Navy positions-what did the majority transition to?
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Several F-14 squadrons went to the F/A-18F Super Hornet, so they all transitioned along and became Weapon Systems Officers.

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They´ve searched for the nearest bar to cry and grab a cold beer.
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I'm pretty sure they all went to live on that farm in the countryside where all the dead pets go.
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They uploaded their brains to the internet to stay in hibernation until it was time to tell heatblur that they wanted to live forever flying backseat for other people as Jester AI
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They went home
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A lucky few got to transitions to the F/A-18F in the same way that a "few" A-6E pilots & BNs got to transition to the F-14 back in the mid 1990's. the majority found themselves in other Navy aviation experienced jobs (battle Staffs etc). remember the S-3 viking community suddenly found themselves out of a job in a similar time frame.
All the Shooters (officer Yellow shirts) on CV decks and many of the other roles on the ship that require "experience" in aviation, but are NOT actually flying jobs needed filling.

All USN fixed wing pilots (even the E-2 & C-2) have to deck qualify on the Goshawk before being streamed to an aircraft type. When the EA-6B prowler went (crew=4) the replacement F/A-18G only needed 2 crew. So in addition to new pilots/systems officers joining up/training there was a requirement to move some (but only some) of the old Prowler crews across.

perhaps they should all join a Union to fight for their job protection!
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Originally Posted by Sierra99 View Post
Yes...goose was right!

Only civies call it a "bug"
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