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Originally Posted by Tirak View Post
Leatherneck Simulations is a company in direct competition with RAZBAM for modules. Why would they ever, without a hefty licensing fee, give their code away to RAZBAM to use?
I would not consider it direct, as they are making entirely different aircraft.

Direct competition would entail competing towards creating a same module ( or at least subversion or era specific update of the same Airframe), and the higher quality module being of the same aircraft being selected from the two for sale by ED.

as such the old saying applies

"Different strokes for different Folks"

since various different people have specific interests in certain aircraft. they simply may not like other irregardless of what 3rd party makes them. AS for most pure of aviation enthusiasts for those whoe enjoy all types of frames, theyl simply buy it all, so everyone ends up with sales.



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I love this 3rd party,they are doing a great job on Harrier and they working on nice modules.
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I want them all!
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Looking forward to the Super Tucano. First modern plane with a glass cockpit, right?

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i am very excited for the harrier and tucano.
great to have planes with MFDs, i hope there will be moving maps like the A-10C
its nice to keep track of your squad mates while flying.
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Not really, the A-10C, F/A-18C and Harrier also have glass cockpits. But it will be nice to have a modern coin plane.
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what about F-15E?
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The ol' Mark I eyeball does fine for us helicopter pilots, coupled with great situational awareness!!
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I look forward to that Super Tucano & Mirage 3.
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Originally Posted by Dementia View Post
what about F-15E?
would like that as well, this is by far the most important aircraft in my book.
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