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Default Return to DCS

Hello to Everyone on the Forums,

I am returning to DCS after a long hiatus away of quite a few years. I have been keeping up with developments on the Facebook page though, and I'm impressed with the greater content now!

Problem is I have forgotten everything! I used to fly with the 74th Flying Tygers before they disbanded, and then a bit with RAF Air Uk for a bit. I used to be able to cold start the A10 with my eyes shut, now it takes me ages just to get an FC3 plane in the air ……

I have a couple of questions in relation to the game though. Firstly I am playing it in 4k fine with no issues, however the icons seems quite small. Is there a way to increase icon size, and do some people use a resolution slightly lesser than 4k for better framerates? is that even a thing?

Secondly my old X52pro has long gone, and I got a T.1600m fcs. I am waiting on the TWCS throttle for delivery still though. Does anyone have any good tips, guides, or profiles to use as a base to setting this stick up?


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I use a 1080p 144hz 1ms monitor. I think max res should be 1440p for performance and visuals balance.

If the Harrier sparks your interest then go for it. It's great for A2G missions and is versatile. Hovering is the most tricky part - like flying a helicopter. It's pretty easy to start and get the weapons going. Search for Chuck's Guide for it if you take the plunge, will be helpful.

The other jets are more tricky to learn due to their system complexity, but the next easiest is F16 - I enjoy this one also. F14 has a lot to it and is interesting to fly, but considered the best module in DCS - can do multi-crew. F18 is a jack of all, master of none. Viggen is great if you like sinking ships but can be complicated.

I enjoy the Harrier a lot and have many, many hours in it. Always fun!

I hope to see a Tornado GR.1 in DCS also - fingers crossed!

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Elliot, I will pick the Harrier up I think as it really does interest me the most. I think I could quite happily spend my time fumbling around trying to learn it.

I changed my screen res too.
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This will be a good start:

I prefer to setup controls myself as close to real life HOTAS as possible and encourage you to do the same. You can then add/corrent what you need "on the fly".

4K on smaller monitor may not be the best option. You can use smaller resolution to get more fps but it'll look ugly unless you use half of the native resoultion. You can't change icon size (whatever you mean) but there are options for size of subtitles and communication menu.
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Here's one scheme for setting up functions common to every aircraft.

1. Assign function key. Options - controls - Modifiers - Add. You want to add a "modifier" not a switch. I use the pinkie button on the throttle.
2. On the joystick, assign trim to hat button, NWS to left button, pickle (wpn release) to center button. The right button I usually assign to paddle switch (brakes in eastern bloc jets)
3. On the throttle, starting on the thumb side. Hat switch reserved for comms (including SRS and comm menus). Upper four-way switch: Fn-up = gear up, Fn-down = gear down. Bottom 4-way button: back = speed brake out (slow down). Forward = speed brake in (speed up).
4. On the front. Pinkie button = function/modifier. Two-way switch under middle finger: Fn-up = flaps up. Fn-down = lower flaps one notch.

That works for everything.

For radar elevation, on the throttle, you will either use the pinkie wheel or the two way switch under your middle finger, depends on the jet (F18 requires the latter). You can use a function button with the joystick hat switch to manage DDI or HUD, depending on the jet. That leaves 8 buttons on the throttle to manage weapons and radar, and several buttons on the base for various things (lights? refuel probe? Views? Idle on/off? Kneeboard?)

I've used the slap paddle for various things, it only really words well as designed, ie as a rudder. Never really found a use for the slider on the joystick base, I've used it to control HMD, radar range, and cockpit lighting at various times, with varying degrees of success.

When you get it, take it apart, lube it up and set the tension screw just barely right enough to hold it together. It's a great throttle, I've been very happy with it.
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