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Originally Posted by Holbeach View Post
You try to help as part of the ED Testers Team.

I try to help you by supplying track and bug files.

You are watching it on open beta which has no problem.

I am watching it on Public, which has rendered the F 86 useless at the last update.

Hence frustration.

Latest public version is, which introduced the engine sound bug a couple of days ago.
Current openbeta is (released yesterday), which fixes the engine sound bug.

That means that you either have to wait (a few days, I suppose) until the open beta version is released into the public version
you have to use the DCS World OpenBeta to get the patch asap. That would require a separate installation - if you don't have that, yet.

Afaik there is no need to be overly frustrated - besides about this, seemingly, misunderstanding at hand in this thread. It will all be good, Soon(tm)! :o)
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Thanks, that clears it up nicely. I'm quite happy to wait for the fix for my favourite plane, the F-86.

Meanwhile back to the F-15.

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New update today has cleared the engine sound problem.

Back to loft bombing practice.

Where's that Ironhand tutorial!
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A footnote to this rather emotive subject of bugs and updates.

There is of course a simple alternative to progress being made with small wrinkles appearing in the process.

They could simply draw a line under development and leave everything as it is. It would solve the issue of more new bugs appearing - which given the complexity of the code are almost inevitable, after all, we live in the real world and not cloud cuckoo land!

Or you could just exercise a little patience and forbearance, and accept that shit happens. Get with the program guys, and give the developers a break. If you can't then I feel sorry for you because you'll end up either walking away from the best thing to hit the world of flight simming - ever, or you'll go crazy.

Either way, you'll get my sympathy.
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still problem in 2019
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Hang in there. At least one dev. is looking into it. I submitted my log and trk files a month or so ago and it looks like it's map F10 button or otherwise 3D sound related. Check and see if you have other sounds like external and other aircraft. If so then this is a well documented bug and recently is getting long awaited attention. Experiment with the F10 map view key in the meantime and see if you can confirm.

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Closing this old thread as we have it reported here


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