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Default It’s it possible to get training missions?

From the two years timeframe that I’ve been involved with the dcs world community I’ve tried to get assistance in developing missions for training based on rl ground school and BMC training along with the advanced training that pilots either received in their home units or special schools.

At first I was told it couldn’t be done but after research I’ve seen bits and pieces here and there that if they were combined and expanded could closely simulate a instructor pilot either in a chase aircraft for single seat aircraft or in the other seat for multicrew aircraft. I used to program in basic and believe I could design the outline/flowchart for these missions but I need assistance since I’m not that experienced with the me environment I fill a team with a graphics designer, programmer and aircrew with experience in both the airframe and training ie past or current instructor pilots could do these missions in a format that would work for all if not most airframes. Eagle Dynamics has this pool of resources. It would be nice if the take the source info like checklists, training syllabus and even wags videos and chucks tutorials and design missions that take let’s say wags training videos and convert them to interactive missions where the common flight rule for the host airframe are used. What I mean is use the us army flight rules for the uh-1h huey, the navy for the f-18 hornet, the us Air Force for the a-10s and f-16 etc.

Also an ideal would be a ground school training forum here because the ground school could cover both fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft or split them when the paths diverse.

Another nice point would be proper radio communications shown in videos and tutorials and checked for in training missions. You shoulcontact atc ground before startup and movement of the aircraft. They will then hand you off to atc air for takeoff and local pattern flight after you hit a certain point you’ll be handed over to a regional atc controller etc. military have their own ground and local controllers normally they only hand you off the faa controllers on cross country routes as I recall for fights in areas of operations the faa atc should be handled by awacs. And other military controllers. It would be nice to see full communications shown during the traing and familiarization videos as appropriate.
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Great ideas expressed by the open post.
Complex as it may seems, but achievable because there are already some brilliant single-player mission that I flown that takes you through ground op, taxing, proper comms, AAR, execution of combat objectives and RTB procedure. The likes of red flag missions is good example.

I personally now yearn for adherence to close to real life combat flight prodecures in dcs as you get in most civilian flight sims.

The ATC comms revamp for carrier and field operation by ED would be help immensely for a project like this but before those comes, some simple missions could be done in this regards.

So a project like this would br fantastic as a tool to teach dcs virtual pilot especially those who do not do multiplayer.
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Making training missions is one of the harder tasks in ME. Ask on ME forum on how to handle the triggers and scripts. There are some paid training campaigns for A-10C and L-39.

Carrier's ATC is already done for the upcoming Supercarrier module. In DCS we have a sample of how it works. Land based ATC is coming next. When we get there I'm sure tutorials and missions will follow.

What is currently possible you can take a look here:

Keep in mind the procedures are highly localized. Different for airbases, aircraft, nations and military groups.
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That would be awesome!
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Great idea!
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