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Rest in peace, Gospadin...
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Rest in piece, brother
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What a loss for his family, R.I.P
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What a terrible loss.

God Bless, and may comfort go to his family.

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A sudden and tragic loss- condolences to all. I'm genuinely in shock, I was going to inquire about the A-4 today, but now....clear skies Gos! You now have your wings.
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I am so sad we lost such a great member of the community. Eric "Gospadin" Mudama always looked for where there was something others needed and he could help them or fix it. Eric saw many pilots asking Razbam to release an English cockpit for their Mirage module and rather than complaining on the forums he took it upon himself to create an English cockpit mod himself. Eric gave this English cockpit mod to the community for free asking for nothing in return. Eric also continued to support the mod for I think it was like 2+ years while the community waited for Razbam to release their promised Official English cockpit. Members like Eric "Gospadin" are the kind of people that make our community great .

I think it would be an awesome gesture of respect from Razbam to Eric "Gospadin" if Razbam were to accelerate creating the official English cockpit for the Mirage. Then somewhere in the English cockpit perhaps scratch his name as a tribute to the selflessness he showed to the Mirage community by creating his English cockpit mod which helped the English Mirage drivers and Razbam.

RIP Eric "Gospadin". You will be missed but not forgotten and hopefully immortalized if Razbam uses my tribute idea.
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RIP. My condolences to the family.
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What should I say...

RIP Gospadin

Condolences to the family!
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I don't have words. We're the same age. That hits. Hard. My sincerest condolences. He will be missed by the DCS community.
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I hope he is in a better place now.. Tragic... Condolences to the family..
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