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Default 2017, Forum Moderation

So here we are, well on our way into a new year and I thought I should start 2017 off with a little update on where the forums are, where they have come from and where I hope to see them go. Just as a disclaimer, if you are reading through this hoping for some cool info on your favorite module, I will let you down easy now.

When I first joined the moderation team, it was mostly to compliment my testing duties, I wanted to be able to help manage some of the requests for help and submit bugs for people having issues with different things. Some of the things I noticed as I went along, learning the ropes was that it was a lot of personal opinion on handing out warnings and suspensions, there was no real guidelines, I mean there was basic unwritten ones, but for the most part, you were shooting from the hip.

Then the DCS WWII/RRG thing happened, and it was eye opening to see how hard it was to manage expectations on a forum like this, trying to keep the discussion going, trying to keep it from getting toxic, but letting people vent some as they did have a right to be frustrated and such because of what had happened. People got warnings, people got suspended, and it was quite the rough few days.

After all that dust settled, or mostly settled I personally saw that we were lacking a real structure to moderation, which is not anything against any previous mods, or ED themselves. I think it was that the forums just grew beyond what was in place at the time. I approached Wags about putting guidelines in place, and worked with him and the mod team to have a more structured way to apply warnings and suspensions.

So about a year and a half ago, we instituted these guidelines, reviewed previous warnings and suspensions, including welcoming back some people that had previously had their posting rights revoked. Now it wasn’t always easy, the new guidelines required us to give people warning points that in the past might not have gotten points before, and some people even received short suspensions because the guidelines aimed at less permanent penalties and more minor suspensions.

So where are we today? I feel like we have created a more open, mature and healthy community. People are allowed, and encouraged to post about issues and problems, take part in bug reporting and even venting when done in a mature, constructive manner. We still have our moments of course, after all this is a world wide forum, and everyone handles anticipation of new products, news and updates differently. People use translators to view these forums, or view other languages that are not their first language, which can cause issues as well. I think though that for the most part we really have a great group here now, I see more willingness to help new people, I see most discussions using tolerance and understanding than planting your feet in the sand and fighting over nothing.

I think for myself and the reason I am writing this is that I want us to keep working towards a great community. That takes looking at ourselves and how we conduct ourselves here and with each others. My personal goals is to try and reach out to those that don’t have a great experience here and try and help them work through those issues, whether its something to do with administration or with other users. I know over the past year, we have lost some simmers, we have had some simmers go through some big events in life, be it health or family. Its important for us all to look at the bigger picture, especially when we are fighting over some little detail, that at the end of the day, or the flight, we are all people and we all have lives, family and a great hobby.

So for 2017, I want to connect even more than I have. I am only scary when I need to be, most of the time I am just another one of you guys, excited to see what ED will bring us next. I don’t do this moderator thing for some sort of power trip, honestly what kind of power does a internet forum give anyone anyways? I do this because I love this hobby, and I want it to be fun and relaxing for all. So lets all try and work together and continue to make this forum a fun place to come, share and converse with people that understand what we see and want in this hobby.

So, if you didn’t know before, know now that my door is always open. If you have an issue here with anyone or anything, drop me a PM. I am not as scary as you might think.
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Originally Posted by SiThSpAwN View Post
I am not as scary as you might think.
With an avatar like that? Who you trying to fool?
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Good post Sith. I don't envy your position.

Constructive criticism can help make any product better - the other behaviors - let's just just hope we see less of them this year.

Respect that we all come from different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences and focus more on what DCS brings to this hobby to make it such a great time for flight simming.

Onward and upward for 2017!
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Hey that Zabrak wasn't always that evil either!

OK seriously: I think we all can improve, and it is nice to hear you see that the same way, Sithspawn. Most of the time we are doing OK here I think. Even though I am not always happy here I very well remember times when it was much worse.
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Nice words for the masses. Thanks for being here and doing what you have to. Also, I always appreciate your insights when it comes to the things we want so badly but don't have access to just yet. So, a big thank you from me for you being around.

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Nice post SiThSpAwN,

and thanks for the guidance since I became a moderator

Just to echo what has been said above, I am always happy to help with any forum queries or testing issues.

Looking forward to 2017 it is going to be a good year!
Please contact NineLine for assistance. Thanks
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Thank you for the post and thank you to all who make this a great community. This is the only forum that I have ever joined and participated in. It is a welcoming, helpful, informative, and fun place to spend time when not flying.
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Thank you for your hard work, gents. Your efforts are certainly not in vain, as this is indeed great and helpful community. Having seen it developing for almost 15 years, it's been a great journey and I'm confident it will be even better.
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I have been suspended by you once. Still love ya!

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Thanks SiThSpAwN by all great work. And expected see interesting news that year...
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