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Originally Posted by etherbattx View Post
keep in mind that any disk access period will result in page faults. even with 64GB of ram, if you load a file into notepad you will get hundreds of page faults. load the file again and you will get hundreds more. it’s the way virtual memory works. it doesn’t necessary mean anything is wrong.

there is also the difference between hard faults and soft faults but i’m not going to get into that here. also keep in mind that task manager doesn’t distinguish between problem faults and no problem faults, so it’s not a good indicator of an issue.

why are you worried about the page file and page faults, anyway? you can’t change how Windows works.

For one.. you can verify when a specific program is throwing hard faults using resource monitor =D Notice that graph at the bottom right in both mine and Fragbum's screenshot snip that states "Hard faults" and first tab in the list of information provided per executable "Hard Faults/s". For two.. you already saw me use different terms, hard faults and page faults. Let me specifiy for YOUR benefit that I am aware that page faults refers both to hard faults and soft faults. Thanks though!

Number three.. you saw that I was trying to deal with a specific issue. Number four.. I was simply pointing out that DCS causes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of pagefaults within seconds and that is UNIQUE to DCS in my personal observations since I actually started paying closer attention to these values in various pieces of software. Speaking hard faults specifically, Hundreds of hard faults a sec CAN very well indicate a desire for more ram by software. But that turns out not to be the case with DCS. You've gone beyond the scope of my observations in DCS's memory usage. Comparable to other software out there where you're seeing 1000 page faults per polling. DCS is for some reason asking for drive access 150 TIMES that value. It's an observation. Not a question. At least not one I think you would be able to answer. "What is all that disk access about?" For all I know it's the mission recording actions for the replay, including whatever files may be included for one particular map or mission.

I was trying to rule out, that the DISK usage caused by dcs was causing one specific issue, and that the disk usage was because DCS was asking for more ram than I had available and therefore filling up the virtual memory, causing a slight hangup. Hence the discussions between myself and Fragbum and Bitmaster which indicated they weren't seeing the same behavior, although Frag's is understandable he has 64gb of ram and disables his page file. More ram didn't lower page file usage in DCS for me. End of story. Done. Experiment OVER. You're not adding anything of value to the experience, trying to explain things where no questions have been asked. Pardon my irritation, but your posts are kind of presumptuous, and you seem to be missing details and clear statements made in my own. I have to wonder why you STILL feel like I'm asking you to explain windows basics to me.

What I'd find more educational of a discussion, is your observations of these same behaviors, and even comparison to other demanding pieces of software out there. Which I'm probably going to end up looking more closely at in the future myself. As my only real curiosity right now on this topic is what about DCS makes windows want to use a boatload of virtual memory vs physical ram. As to whether it has an effect on performance, I'll have a better idea when I disable the page file all together and test it myself. But - this was already some other guy's thread about hardware upgrades.. which I simply shared observations about my experiences leading up to and my conclusion after a hardware upgrade. Conclusion - At least in the one mission I was testing regularly, physical and virtual ram usage is about the same between 16GB and 32GB of ram. Thank you for your misguided advice though.

Originally Posted by etherbattx View Post
why are you worried about the page file and page faults, anyway? you can’t change how Windows works.
Scroll up and read the entirety of the experiences in this thread and your question has already been answered well before this point, as a ram upgrade was suggested as opposed to a CPU upgrade to the OP. The recommendation of 32GB of ram is a common suggestion in these forums and has been a thought on my mind for about the last year. I have an issue with a loading screen midflight. My hardware is pretty much on the highest end of the spectrum aside from the fact that at the time I was still running 16GB of ram. I started paying attention to disk and virtual memory usage while DCS was running. I experimented between hardware sets. I came to a conclusion. In a forum filled with folks looking for ways to increase performance or help nail down bugs or glitches, why are you worried that someone explored one possible avenue of somethings effect on DCS performance? You can't change that we like smooth gameplay experiences. It feels like you looked at two words out of all the posts in this thread and got stuck. "Page fault page fault page fault, page fault."

I do apolgize, you mean well. But I think you're more confused than I am at this point. I didn't mean to hijack this guy's thread to discuss my ram experiences in the first place.. but I can safely say - if you aren't playing on servers like Blueflag, DDCS, or 104th, going from 16GB to 32GB of ram is not likely to net you a performance increase. Also let me clarify that I consider myself alone responsible for deciding to buy more ram and it's not a problem. I'll recover from the $134 expense in no time, and can only hope that sharing my experiences can help others make decisions in the future regarding hardware purchases and DCS. And with that I'll kindly step my way away from this post.
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