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Originally Posted by Aluminum Donkey View Post
DCS World 2.5 is, quite simply, the most demanding video game available. Bar none.
As other have said this is very far from the truth.
Also as said due to forum rules other games / sims cannot be named.
There is 1 civil aviation sim that struggles badly even on the finest of fine hardware.

DCS runs nicely on my i5-6600K, 16GB GTX1070 @1440p at medium-high settings whilst maintaining a 40 FPS minimum, averaging 60+ and some times passing 100FPS.
Exception would be the Las Vegas strip where dips to 30 FPS happen.

Trimming settings a little allows reaching the frames required for VR reasonably well.

With a 1080Ti i could bring that minimum FPS up a bit and maybe add a little eye candy, but that card wasn't available when i got the 1070.
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All I can advise is when you are able upgrade! 2.5 is the best thing that has happened to DCS! The new maps are awesome! I am sad I even built my system mainly for DCS! I use track IR and the VIVE for VR and both experiences are excellent! I fly Cessna 172 in real life and have to say 2.5 is as real as flying gets!

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I have a AMD Ryzen 2700 with 16gb of Ram and a 1070 Ti and it runs flawlessly on almost max settings on 2.5.+ so i wouldnt say this game is completely over demanding in specs. Most games now a days require 16gb of ram anyway and a 1070 or better.
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