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No worries. I’m sure they will get it exactly right!
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Originally Posted by Victory205 View Post
You don’t believe that rusty screws are holding them up, do you?
That's literally like one or two divs being off by 1px in IE6, but the customer definately wants it to look perfect in there as well or he isn't going to pay up otherwise. Takes ages to fix without breaking it in any of the other gazillion browsers. And yes, such retards still do exist today, those are very common actually #hardestbuckingworstpaidjobever

Originally Posted by shagrat View Post
Though I am not complaining, as Heatblur was pretty clear about the release window, my preference would have been a start of early access in mid December where I had two weeks to already try familiarisation with the flight model, basic carrier ops and flying around, even now I have more time to spare on weekends than I will have when the release window is coming to an end, so I had rather enjoyed to fly it, than to have a quick look and mostly shelve it, for a couple weeks or months, what is likely to happen now... but I don't blame Heatblur for that.
Same here... just that I didn't have my rig around in the holidays

Just one note: Winter is not going to be in the claws of the Cat when it arrives at Winter Wrap Up since Winter is just over by then

And even if it's gonna be later. I've yet to see a human being actually to fulfil his or her promises, mankind is totally incapable of doing so. Two weeks is something like 8 hours at the stick for me at the moment, not too much to worry about... don't blame HB, blame real life and and the never-satisfied society you have to deal with in there
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