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Originally Posted by MacEwan View Post
This setup cost me $250CAD off Amazon (Talking about the Cougar MFDs and makeshift "UFC")
Im using it with VR. With a little muscle memory, and peaking under my headset occasionally, it really changed the way I interact with the cockpit. No more fiddling around with the mouse for most critical tasks, especially in the middle of a fight.

What you have is way better than what I have. I was thinking more like this one. I know it wasn't cheap.
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Originally Posted by BuzzU View Post
What you have is way better than what I have. I was thinking more like this one. I know it wasn't cheap.
Haha yup a little out of reach for me right now but I'm eventually hoping to build a full pit like that
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Ok I think I want one of those Koolertron keypads to turn into a hybrid F-16 and F-18 UFC panel.

I have a Logitech G-13 I keep next to my throttle that I have the top right most key programmed to "G" for the gear lever.

In the Ka-50 I also have the Targeting mode panel as g18, g19, g21, and g22 and the thumbstick for cycling the cannon modes (fixed/moving etc) and one of the buttons next to the thumbstick as the targeting mode reset.

I know we aren't talking the Ka-50 here, but the g-13 offers quite a bit of functionality and you can make a profile for any aircraft you fly in DCS, and is easy to feel for button locations. Unforunately, Logitech discontinued the thing quite some time ago and i don't know what I'd do really in terms of a replacement, as you can only find them used and priced rather high.

Razer has a couple of options but I despise the synapse software. I've considered buying the AULA Excaliber for the invetible day my G13 poops the bed.

Anyway, food for thought for more options you might be able to navigate without looking at it.
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heads down, mfd

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