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Originally Posted by DoomEngine View Post
I believe ED is in a bit of a scramble with graphics optimizing and content release. Perhaps when 2.5 is a reality, things will calm down and DC's can be addressed.

EDIT- @Buzz- is bear good eating? or is your hunting just population control?

I also hunt for elk. That taste good and I eat most of that. My dog gets the bear meat. It tastes like crap! He's my whole family and he has to eat too. He actually eats more meat than me. so I can't really keep all the elk meat for myself.

I also have a good friend who's 100% Lakota Indian. He uses all the hides to make drums. He also wants the teeth, claws, and and fat from the bears. He says bear hides make the best drums. He sells all the stuff to make a living. He's really interesting to talk to. His grandfather was at the Little Big Horn that killed Custer.

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