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Default DCS - Nhawk's Weapons mod

Current Public release version: 1.0
Download link:
-Does not pass IC

This mod is a complete overhaul of the vast majority of the missiles and guns in the game, in particular, SAM's. I made this mod over a year ago for the group that I fly with UOAF as I was tired of the poor performance of missiles and very high dispersion of guns in the game. We used this mod for quite a while while we hosted regular DCS events. Even after these died off I have continued to develop and tweak the mod. I had refrained from posting it on the forums due to a feeling that it wouldn't cause much to change and would just be a hassle. Although after quite some time I have been somewhat convinced to at least put a version out there for people to try out.

This mod was created with the express purpose of tiring to make missiles as accurate to rlf as possible with both the information at hand and without access to the core API. Meaning I can only really fix the drag part of the issue (well at least part of the drag issue) changes to guidance behavior, equations, and CCM are all in ED's hands.

As such without finding either a drag curve or a flyout chart for said missile the best option for tweaking the performance was CFD. The CFD program I used was the Solidworks CFD plugin for their program. This program has proven to be quite accurate and in my validation tests, I got within a 5% of IASGATG's results for the AIM-120.

The changes for the missile boil down to several categories that range from just simple CCM resistance changes to full drag curve changes and thrust value changes.

Full CFD drag curve - A full drag curve was generated and this was used to fully tweak the drag performance

-AA-10A | updated to new missile code; still wip

*not my own work based off of IASGATG's work

Simple CFD - in the old missile code you only need a few values, drag coefficient at a low and high mach number and the slope of the curve. As such for the below missiles only said values were calculated and used. With the slope curve being tweaked to match either DLZ data or performance in that other sim which I used as a reference point to see if I was on the right track.

-SM2 | Thrust changes
-KUB (SA6) | Thrust changes
-OSA (SA | Thrust changes
-BUK (SA11) | Thrust changes
-MIM-104C | Thrust changes
-MIM-23 HAWK | Thrust changes

Drag Curve / Flyoutchart discovered:

-SA3 | Thrust changes (WIP)

-SA10 | Thrust changes

-AIM7 - ED values are accurate to rlf drag curve hence no changes made here.

Various other changes such as lifetime/thrust values but no drag changes
-Magic II -CCM change
-Super 530D - Lifetime change
-R33 - given similar drag to HB Phoenix
-AIM7 - Thrust changes
-R73 - CCM changes
-AIM9 - various CCM changes
-FIM-92 - CCM changes
-MIM-72G - updated to ED drag standard
-AGM-88C - Thrust changes

Gun Changes

M61 Vulcan - Dispersion reduced significantly | Tracers changed to red
GAU-8 Avenger -Dispersion reduced significantly
M38 Revolver canon - Dispersion reduced significantly
M2/M3 50 call initial velocity increased slightly | M3 barrel heat effect significantly reduced

Example Graphs:






- Go to the above link and download the mod using the download button
- Once downloaded unzip the file and go two folders in until you see a folder named "Weapons Mod V1.0"
- This folder is JSGME ready
- Or if you don't use mod enablers drop the two folders inside of that folder into your DCS folder, if you wish to unisntall just run the DCSrepair.exe


To use this in multiplayer two conditions must be met

  1. The server has the mod installed and integrity checker is disabled
  2. Each Player has the mod installed.

-Using this is multiplayer is a pain but for organized groups is quite doable. Of note, if a person doesn't have the mod, but the server does and another player does the following will happen:

They launch a missile and on their screen, it will perform as normal. And a missile is launched at them it will appear normal. But all of a sudden they will explode for no apparent reason and their target as well. What is happening is that the server, with the mod, is effectively god; what it sees is law. If the server, with the mod, sees on its screen Z missile hit X Player (even if it hasn't on X's screen due to worse performance) it will explode said player. So, in the end, the server doesn't care what each player has what it sees it is the law.

So for consistent performance and visuals, everyone and most importantly the server must have the mod installed.

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Thanks for uploading this! I've been contemplating converting IASGATG's mod to run in 2.5.5 for personal use in SP, but never got around to it. And this looks like it addresses more stuff too. I'll give this a try later today!

EDIT: Quite extensive work, this must've taken dozens of hours! I did some limited testing for A2A missiles and they perform much better, as expected. I haven't checked SAMs yet. One thing I noticed is that despite the new definitions for max range, motor burn time etc, the DLZ calculation doesn't change, making it too conservative now. I tested with F-18, F-16 and F-15. I understand that the DLZ calculation is apparently not related to missile_data.lua or missile_table.lua, so I'm not sure that anything can be done about it, but it's just something I noticed.

Other than that, it looks good, I'll keep playing around.
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Yeah on the newer jets the dlz is hard coded into the sim. The 15 is a bit different as it did update it for some missiles others didn’t seem to change much.
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Thank you for posting this. I've been using a personal mod for some time that I update upon every release as needed. This looks like it does a lot more.
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no problem hope you enjoy it!
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Good stuff nighthawk
I was in Art of the Kill D#@ it!!!!
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Awesome and thank you!
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Thx Nighthawk! IFC is testing it out now, so far so good.
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Cool if you find any issues just report them here and i'll look into fixing them if I can.
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