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Lightbulb DCS Combined Arms Concept- IPad & Android Capability

I have a Dream.

Where DCS combined Arms has a mobile app so you can play with your friends but on the couch or command ground forces while on free time at work. A majority of the new Xbox And PS3 Games like

This youtube link shows you an example of how they integrate gameplay for mobile devices.

Battlefield 4 is creating a commander mode for Mobile devices as well as seen here

Wouldn't it be A great idea for DCS to Implement a innovative multiplayer experience for tablets as well? I would rather have a mobile command station in any room of the house and while on free time away from home, engage in the combat field.

We can introduce other capabilities like gps maps or kneeboards. Even the capability of driving tanks with a mobile Graphics engine

Possibilities are endless.

Please Eagle Dynamics concider putting this:

on a Mobile User Touch experience.
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yep, would be amazing to play DCS:CA...

in the garden on a loverly summers day,
on the bus,
on the loo,
via the McDonalds wifi after your date has ditched you for not taking her to a fancier restaurant...
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Great idea but man that would be alot of work.
Personally I would just love it if they put the mission editor on ipad.
.....mmmm might try it with splashtop
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I would love it but i'm afraid this will dramatically impact my productivity at work.

I already took a warning at work, for spending too much time on internet, when DCS:Huey forum were boiling hot and i was checking it like every 5min. :-)

PC simulator news site.
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Would be great but... maybe a third party?

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It would be great if they actually put FPS and vehicles in this game, and make a better version of ARMA, which is really getting old.

Maybe with the EDGE engine.
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I already do that using the TeamViewer 8 on my mobile phone or in the tablet to control my PC at home.

Sometimes, when I’m tired at work, I edit missions using the mobile phone.
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android, combined arms, ipad, mobile, tablet

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