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Default Schnellboot type S130 Not Visible

With the current Open Beta version ( the German Schnellboot type S130 is not visible or interactable (it doesn't fire AA guns, nor can it be damaged by shooting at where it should be), however it can be seen as an Icon in the F10 map.

Pressing F9 for external view (or F12 for the static object version) results in either a black screen or a blue screen, with just the information bar showing at the bottom.

The 3D model of the S-Boat does show in the mission editor, however.

Below are some screenshots of the issue.

S-Boat in editor next to U-Boat:

U-Boat in mission, with no S-Boat visible:

S-Boat showing on F10 map, with a heading of 47483648 degrees:

S-Boat external view (F9) showing blank screen:

Reverting to Open Beta restores the Schnellboot type S130 back to its working state.


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Confirmed - Test with Schnellboot and Uboot

The Schnellboot is only visible in the Mission Edior

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Confirmed, S-boot not visible in game.
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