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Default Looking for a place to land

That sounded like a personal add, lol.

Anyway, I've played DCS on/off over the years but never got serious until recently when I got a VR headset. 40yo Army vet, but have been a lifelong aviation enthusiast. I currently own:

- F-18 C
- F-16
- Persian Gulf
- Super Carrier

- EST Time Zone

I would like to find a semi-regular group who is semi-serious/casual who I can learn to fly and form up with to become a better pilot/teammate. I'm a school teacher, so summer is the perfect time for me. I get extremely busy in the Fall, but should be able to find time.

If anyone is recruiting and thinks I might be a good fit, please message me or reply. Thanks!
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Pirates Cove.... look for our servers we run the same as you, only without all the fancy bs, no rank, no jumping through hoops, no bs, just fun with like minded hit me up for details for our discord web forum and TeamSpeak
And we’re all Vets too, some Army, some Marines some Air Force some Navy and some from across the pond. All our servers have the Super Carrier installed and ready to use too. We build our own missions off the 3 maps provided
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