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Id rotate it slightly so you get more of poland and Belarus and perhap miss out St Petersburg (that would be a HUGE performance hit). But yeah, that would tick most of the boxes for me. Either that or North Cape.
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SO far that map would bring a cray computer to its knees...
I would love any section of that map thow...
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Yes this would be a great cold war theater.
I hope it will become real someday.
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I also think that would be a fantastic map from so many perspectives. However, it is also a very busy area in terms of built up areas and there are a huge amount of very unique landmarks in that area. If they can find a way to make it work - it would be great. I would buy it.
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Even though I would love this map coming from Sweden (with a mother that was born in Estonia but fled to Sweden in 1944 when the Soviets invaded).

The problem for a cold war scenario is that there really are no Nato airfields on this map. It's almost all red. One Swedish (F16 Uppsala) and really no Finnish as it cuts below Tampere-Pirkkala.

That is why I finally proposed this in my Southern Baltic proposal - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=239656. In that area you get bases for all. Lots of WP bases, Western Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and even US bases in the UK that is interesting both for cold war - but especially for WWII. And a lot of water for Carrier ops that is important in DCS. I have a hard time seeing a NATO carrier entering the baltic Sea in any Cold war scenario. But in the north east corner of the proposal in my image above it makes sense?

My initial proposal in that thread included more of the Baltics and Kaliningrad that is interesting. But that ends up with to much ground that takes time to model... Looking at the cut below it would make sense to extend it eastwards to Kaliningrad actually.

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Heatblur was working on a map for the Viggen, right? what happened to that map?
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