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I'm already proficient, but have a ten year old I'd like to teach. Have two rigs and two HMD's ready to go, they've been racing cars, but one shows high aptitude and interest in aviation. I've got limited time, so the two seat should get us going faster through the basics.

Think the L-39 will do fine as a basic trainer, looks quite capable on utube, nice to have the weapons option as the next step. We'll be looking at jets in the future any way. Thanks for the input all.
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Thanks for you answers. I finally picked the Yak 52 up. The only aircraft I don't own is the CE2. Yes, I even own the Hawk.

And agreed on having some small civilian aircraft. We could start with a DC-3/C-47.
Also some bombers would be nice.

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I love the Yak for VR as well.

It's simple and the instruments are clear which makes it a joy to fly and enjoy the experience.

Plus as Fri13 said at the same time it does a good job of helping to break the bad habits I've picked up flying FBW aircraft.

(C-101 is fantastic in VR as well)

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Yes for 20 USD I think this plane is great. The tutorials are few but comprehensive enough as there is not any weapon system on the plane. I like the authenticity of the Russian guy telling you how to fly and taxi It flies really nice too and as some others have said I really enjoy flying this plane in VR. I don't have the other trainers but I used to fly my P51 a lot just cruising and doing VFR flying, so this was a good pickup. I think my next grab will be another prop plane or jet trainer. Maybe even CEII, since this module changed my opinion on aerobatic planes. Can't wait to see what else we might get in terms of diverse modules for DCS. Would love to see a DC3

However, if you require constant updates, damage model, etc... maybe not your plane right now. But I think for 20USD its a solid investment for ED module.

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