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Originally Posted by Silver_Dragon View Post
Hawk has a dead and burried module
In other words: It's abandoned.
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On three pages now and no comment from ED. This is rediculoius what's the point in reporting stuff if it's not going to be fixed
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SD has to support the "home team". He's part of them now.

But yes, the growing frustration with another module that hasn't received needed attention, does give the appearance its been given up.
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What are some of the issues that need attention?

I don't like how it starts instantly. Hit the start button and the engine is instantly running. Thing starts easier than a Honda generator.

I enjoy flying the yak around, it's a very fun plane...so overall I'm happy with it.
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I have now send a support ticket to ED - let´s see what they have to say.
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Originally Posted by tintifaxl View Post
Sorry, but "abandonware" is exactly what the DCS: Hawk is.
Makes you think twice about buying modules that appear in the shop, without much news/hype leading up to the release..

I at least, am really missing the Hawk in 2.5.

Originally Posted by BertoneX View Post

I enjoy flying the yak around, it's a very fun plane...so overall I'm happy with it.
Me to, but like the Hawk it cost me $40, so I would kind of expect to see some updates/fixes.

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Sorry guys, we waited 9 months for the spitfire canopy to be attended to.
That's what you should base your expectations on.
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The stark reality is very clear I'm afraid......the module was released,money changed hands,bugs were reported,no bugs have been addressed,the dev responsible for this has yet to come forward to explain why the bugs have not been addressed,and lastly,come to think of it,no dev has even had the courtesy to reply !

I rest my case.

Conclusion... this module most definitely is abandoned.......what else would we, the customers draw from this situation,other than this conclusion ?

+1 Abandoned,prove otherwise......moving on.

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Originally Posted by ST0RM View Post
SD has to support the "home team". He's part of them now.
I dont have "support" nothing.... please.
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